Virgo Horoscope


The Virgo is soft, responsive and intelligent. The Virgo places more trust in their mental strength than on their physical abilities. They tend to put a lot of effort into the words that they speak in hopes to impress others. These extensive talks and elaborate explanations make others impatient with the Virgo.

They Virgo acquires extensive knowledge in most of the subjects; the subject ranges includes those that are related to their business, family, financials and health. The Virgo carries the immense knowledge in subjects not related to their personal and business life.

The Virgo treats their knowledge as one of their most prized possessions.  They are usually delighted if they are asked to teach a subject or if they are asked to impart their knowledge to others.

The Virgo is very fearful but they tend to behave as if they do not know anything about the fear factor in their life. But the Virgo is capable of solving any emergencies using their mouth and brain.

Those born of this sign are generally jealous, cunning and frustrated within their mind but they will not expose it outwardly. The Virgo is a  very good at showcasing themselves as innocent, unwise and totally peaceful in nature.


A Virgo has the tendency to treat others as stupid and dimwitted. They are extremely confident of their knowledge. These attitudes o bring them very bad name with their friends, family and other known groups. They take delight in making fun of others.

Those of this sign are the fastest in the world to arrive at a conclusion; to judge a person or events; and very quick on passing on the judgments to others. Sometimes they will find themselves in a tight spot if their calculation backfires.

This is a sign that loves to talk. In many cases they will not be able to control their talking once they have started. These addictions will land them in bigger troubles, as they unknowingly expose their inner feelings to others.

The Virgo is too sensitive and does not like the control of others over them. The over sensitiveness of the Virgo forces them to make wrong decisions at the wrong time in their life.


Those of this sign will not display a very intimate relationship with their spouse. The Virgo might clash with their spouse on every issue and this could seriously impair their relationship with their spouse. Generally speaking, the Virgo will never show their displeasure over their spouse either directly or indirectly. They are very good at masking their disappointment.

Those of this sign actually love their children too much. They choose to play with their children as equals. They have a tendency to want their children to be extremely talented and skillful and they want their children to excel in their studies. This makes the Virgo more vigilant and controlling than some other signs.  This control may breed contempt between parent and child later on in life.

The Virgo takes special interest in their family.  They are always worried about their family and they prefer to spend more time with their family members. Those of this sign are known to be extremely good at entertaining their family members, relatives and the guests. Generally they go out of their way to make sure that their family and the relatives do not forget their outings and feastings.

The Virgo will usually strongly insist on maintaining age old traditions on their family members. They may also have the habit of interfering in the personal affairs of their family members. So, while the Virgo may be well loved by their family, they may also cause some strain or irritation.


The Virgo will have limited number of brothers and sisters but will maintain strong affection for their siblings. Many times the Virgo will end up pushing their siblings away with arrogance and displays of wealth.  Their superior attitude can force the siblings of the Virgo to cut them off completely.


Generally the Virgo will start out in life with a wide circle of friends and this will dwindle over the years.  They are usually very sensitive to their reputations and have a difficult time insults or abuses.  The Virgo will usually try to make a friendship work, but if they are wounded they will call it quits without hesitation.
The Virgo will soothe their friends when needed and will expect the same warmth relationship from their friends too. They can be exceptional friends.


The Virgo will be well educated yet the educational performances will be at the moderate level only. They are good at mathematics, science, engineering, general knowledge and astronomy. The Virgo is generally drawn to mathematical oriented subjects.

This is a sign that can not live without books and papers. They will have excellent grasping powers. If the Virgo is able to concentrate on their subjects for few hours, they will excel in those subjects. In fact, they are often referred to as book worms. They continue to improve their knowledge for the entire period of their life. Additionally, they never tire of teaching others as they like to share the information they have learned.


The grasping power of the Virgo will always comes in handy to improve their skills. The Virgo  mostly develop low cost alternative technology fabricators. They excel at understanding the basic fundamentals of any industries/services/sequences to fully equip them to make an alternative platform. Thus the skills of the Virgo are not restricted to particular sector. This could be treated as an asset for the Virgo and the same could also be treated as a liability too.


The Virgo is well equipped for jobs that require mathematical calculations. They will work in areas like teacher, accountant, book publisher, story/script writers, statisticians, banking, auditing and astrologers.

This is a sign that is very efficient in planning, coordination and successful implementation of any projects that are entrusted to them. The Virgo is successful in assisting with critical information to top politicians, bureaucrats and important public functionaries. They also tend to be quiet successful in back room analysis in various government departments like army, police and many important portfolios.


The Virgo does not give much thought to their appearance. They do not mind going out in shabby clothing. They tend to allot for a very few minutes in a day dedicated to the way they look.  They always change their appearance without much thought to what others will think.


The Virgo could be affected by heat related sickness, asthma, indigestion and skin and bone related diseases. They are known to not tend to their health all that well.


The Virgo tends to be a very funny individual.  They are good at cracking jokes and keeping everyone happy. Their  humor will center on their known peoples as they are adept at imitating activities and mimicking the voices of known and unknown peoples.


The Virgo is known to be angry and their anger will have no limits and boundaries. They will often will lose all their mental balance and become too dangerous and aggressive.  This is a sign that can become abusive if not careful. 

The Virgo will forget about all their learned and experienced knowledge and behave like a child when they are angry.  This behavior will often result in them losing face with friends, family, and even business associates. Sadly their anger comes and goes, so those around them never know when they are going to explode and make life difficult for others.


The earning potential of the Virgo will meet the needs and expectations of their family members and spouse.


This is a sign that is known for their oratory skills where humor is involved.  They have the capacity to speak in support of both the two different and opposite ideas; that too at the same time. The best punishment for the Virgo is not to allow them to speak for a reasonable period of time.


The Virgo will gain quite a number of enemies through their own words and speeches. This sign tends to be quite jealous and will try to do some secretive actions against their known opponents both in family and in the business. This secretive behavior will earn lot of ill will for the Virgo.


the Virgo maintains a very soft approach towards their employees. The weakness of the Virgo is their sudden use of abusive languages against their employees. Those of this sign will often be deceived by their trusted employees at least once in their career life. If the Virgo is not careful, then there would be a possibility of unholy alliance spreading the web over them by their trusted employees and their close friends.


The Virgo is brilliant and certainly performs well. They are very particular about the recognition of their works and look to be rewarded and recognized, which is not difficult because they usually perform above expectation. The Virgo needs to be careful as it is easy for them to become hateful toward their employer, which could cause them to lose their job.


The status of the Virgo, created through their intelligence, acts as a natural barrier to their involvement in entertainment.  They do usually have an interest in movies, outing and travelling. But they are too shy to attend parties, large gatherings and social groupings.


The Virgo is completely weak in the love and romance affairs. They have a tendency to keep their romance and love life secret. The male Virgo often struggles to control their senses when they see a beautiful woman.  They often fall in love or lust with those that they work closely with, although this rarely turns out well.


The Virgo women are too talented in the dreams. But the Virgo woman will choose the right person by analyzing each and every person both in the reality and within their dreams. The female Virgo's are too faithful to their partner always exhibiting a great amount of love and affections for their partners.


The Virgo will rise to the level of the advisors, back room planners and the organizers in a political party or to its leaders. The leaders will depend on the Virgo for both the regular and any contingency plans in the political arena. Only very few Virgo's will reach to the top position on the political theatres. In general, the Virgo lacks the tough leadership skills that are the basic requirement in the politics.


The Virgo is always receptive to sexual feelings. The Virgo is instantly excited, when they feel, hear, smell, read or watch anything about sex. The Virgo does not depend fully on the actual sex activities for their sexual satisfactions. They will attain full satisfaction on their sexual needs, when they read books, watch films or dream about having sex.

Those of this sign could also indulge in masturbation or some unnatural sex activities that brings satisfaction without actually indulging the sex with the preferred woman. The Virgo's life could be in jeopardy if they fully engage themselves with their sexual activities.


The Virgo is good at love and romance as they handle their love affairs in a soft and gentle manner. During the early period of love, they prefer to behave in more diplomatic manner. The Virgo is ready to spend their valuable time and money to get involved in romance.

The Virgo will opt for sexual activities when they establish a close relationship. There is a strong possibility of the Virgo losing total interest in their partners if they decline sexual advances or if they do not meet the demands of the lust ridden Virgo.


The Virgo will devote more time for sex and very less time for romance. This ratio of less romance will grow bigger when the time moves away from the marriage. But the Virgo will try to pacify their agitated partners with their eloquent and fanciful replies.

After some time, the Virgo's will start to feel that their spouse is too much work but will never break the bounds of marriage. The Virgo will try every trick up their sleeve and speaks more eloquently to pacify their spouse.


The Virgo is slow, talkative and intelligent while the Aries are fast, energetic and highly aggressive. The Virgo will find it tough to get along with the aggressive attitude and the fastest way of life maintained by the Aries. The Virgo is slow to act and conclude on major issues whereas the Aries is very fast to react and conclude on major issues.

The Aries maintains the tough attitude toward the people who are below their status while the Virgo chooses to maintain the cordial relationships with every section of the people. Thus there will be heavy mismatch on their behaviors.

The Virgo enjoys their sexual contacts fully with an Aries but their sexual preferences go elsewhere awhile into the relationship. The Virgo could lose interest on the sexual relationship with the Aries due to the adamant and aggressive tendency of the Aries.

The Virgo will have double dealings within their partnership with the Aries; this could irritate the Aries and cause tension.  Both the Aries and the Virgo will be suspicious of each others every movement. Thus the partnership between the Virgo and the Aries could fail at any point.

Though the Virgo maintains a normal relationship with the Aries, there will be deep divisions within them. They keep their bitterness within them and act as if they are friends to each other.

The Virgo is suspicious of the Aries, but the Aries tries to keep their distance from the neighborhood relationships. Even if they have major differences, both the Aries and the Virgo maintain normal relationships.

The Virgo is too talkative in nature . The Virgo will use all kinds of mischievous talks and actions to keep the Taurus off balance. Both the Virgo and the Taurus maintain a successful married life.

The Virgo and the Taurus have much interest in an active sex life. The male Virgo finds successful partnership with the female Taurus. The female Virgo too are more than satisfied with fully romantic natured male Taurus.

The Virgo and the Taurus do have harmony on many issues. They are both good at maintaining friendly relationships with each other. Both of them lack strong managerial and leadership qualities that are needed for running the business enterprises successfully.

The Virgo and the Taurus maintain a normal relationship with each other.

The Taurus will heave a sigh of relief when they find the talkative Virgo is their neighbor.


The Gemini is too soft and good at speaking on variety of issues. The Virgo has a high level of intelligence, wide knowledge and soft in nature. Thus both enjoy and improve their lifestyle with their excellent knowledge. They have concurrent views on major issues and will generally enjoy their married life.

The Gemini has a lot of romance with reasonable sexual attitudes. The Virgo has a decent sex drive as well, and the two will maintain a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship.

The Gemini is brilliant with sound knowledge in business. The Virgo will be overly confident and egoistic where their intelligence is concerned. They may not be able to maintain positive relationships with each other.

The Virgo and the Gemini will maintain healthy relationship with each other. Both help each other in improving their skills and develop the knowledge. If there are conflicts of interests occurs between the Gemini and the Virgo and then there is possibility of bitterness in their relationships.

The Virgo and the Gemini do not involve in any public affairs. Both of them keep away from the potential trouble spots. Thus both the Gemini and the Virgo will maintain cordial relationship with each other.


The Virgo considers themselves above the Cancer. The Cancer maintains calm, steady and very selfish attitudes. Thus the Cancer has the ability to adjust to the situation; and will fully understand the characters of the Virgo and learn to live amicably with them.  The Cancer will be able to adjust their lifestyle to suit to the needs of the Virgo. The Virgo and the Cancer will adjust among themselves and live a comfortable married life.

Those born of the Cancer zodican sign will maintain secrecy over their sexual activities. Both the Cancer and the Virgo has more interests in the sexual attitudes. The Virgo and the Cancer are flexible and to fully enjoy their sexual relationships.

Generally the Cancer is calm, steady and cunning in nature. They wait for the right oppurtunity to win over the situations. The Virgo is  brilliant, jealous and ambitious but lack the nunances of the business relationships; they tend overlook various factors due to their egoistic approach. Thus the Virgo could be easily cheated by the calm and steady natured Cancer.

The Cancer people does not mind deceiving the Virgo if they stand to gain from it.
NEIGHBORS: The Virgo and the Cancer will maintain normal relationship with each other. But some of the actions of the Cancer could make the Virgo's to be suspicious.


The Leo people will try to accommodate everyone while the Virgo is very calculative and try to adjust their lifestyle as per the demand. The Virgo is self propagating about their fame and knowledge; but the Virgo will not overreact with the Leo's and maintain some subdued presence. Thus the Virgo will not create any trouble by them selves as both the Leo and the Virgo will tie them with successful married life.

The Virgo has too much interest in the sex; but they keep it in a discreet manner. The female Virgo is perfectly matched with the sexual appetite for the male Leo. But male Virgo's may not be fully satisfied with his sexual partnership with the female Leo. This could force the male Virgo to look elsewhere to fulfill their sex appetite.

The Virgo will try to keep the business secrecy and techniques with them and will try every method to hoodwink the Leo. Those of the Virgo sign will hate the dominance and arrogance of the Leo making maintaining a positive business partnership difficult.

The Leo will get all the technical help from the Virgo, yet the Virgo will not expose them fully to the Leo. This will generally result in the duo keeping a safe distance from one another.

The Leo will not interfere in personal issues but their domination would certainly irk the Virgo, but they would not react. They maintain normal neighborhood relationships


The Virgo couples maintain a more mature relationship than others might. Since the Virgo is intelligent enough to understand their life, they face the problems with confidence; allowing the Virgo couples to sort out their differences. But there could be some egoistic problems arising between them.

The Virgo keeps their romance and sexual life in more secrecy. The Virgo does not even share their sexual activities with their closest friends.

The Virgo is soft, attentive and brilliant in their skills. They are too proud of their intelligence and maintain some ego on their knowledge and skills. They prefer to work under a person, only if that person is technically superior. Two Virgo's will have a difficult time working together.

The Virgo's will cooperate with each other; and help others in their work. If any one tries to dominate the other then it could develop it major misunderstandings between them.

The Virgo enjoys a healthy and intellectual friendship with each of them. But there will be a race for the supremacy among them, but it is not a troublesome competition.


The Libra's are greatly interested in the lavish lifestyle. The Libra is subdued, cunning and very elusive too. The Libra leads a secretive sex life. on their sexual activities. The Virgo have similar features but great emphasis is on the skills and the knowledge.

The Virgo does not wish to put more emphasis on the luxury and entertainment. Apart from this major difference, both the Virgo and the Libra have more unanimity in all aspects of their life.

The Libra is more interested in sex than romance; the Virgo's are second only to the Libra in the involvement of sexual activities. Thus both Libra and the Virgo contribute a successful pair on the sexual matters. Both maintain high degree of intimacy and attachments to each other.

The Libra is more cunning, jealous and  ambitious. While the Virgo is ambitious, secretive and cunning too. Both are not well qualified for managing the huge business houses. The Virgo and the Libra are highly suspicious of each other and fail miserably in running the business as a united entity.

The Libra and the Virgo will maintain the normal friendship and help each other.

The Libra and the Virgo will be friendly to each other; no conflict of interests are expected. If both tries to further their sexual interests in the neighborhood, then there could be some problems too.

The Scorpio is reclusive, jealous and steady. They will maintain stoic silence and will not be more open in their approach. But as a family member, the Scorpio will work for the betterment of their family's welfare. Thus the Scorpio will adjust with their Virgo partner to lead a normal married life among them selves.

The Virgo is very sexual and keeps it quiet while the Scorpio is less sexual but also maintains secrecy in their sexual attitudes. Thus Virgo and the Scorpio do not get full satisfaction on their sexual relationship, once their initial euphoria are over. 

The Virgo and the Scorpio develop an intimate friendship with each other. Though the Virgo tries to maintain cordial relationship with the Scorpio, it will not be reciprocated entirely by the Scorpio. Thus both will maintain a non-intrusive relationship and that acts against the interest of their business partnership.

The Virgo and the Scorpio will maintain normal friendship and tries to help with each other. Both will not display the any differences in the open that could damage their relationship.

The Scorpio will hide their emotions within them and maintain jealous attitudes with the Virgo. The Virgo too is quite suspicious of the Scorpio's intentions. Thus both maintain moderate contacts with each other.


Both the Virgo and the Sagittarius will have brilliance, intelligence and very humane in their approach. The Virgo has some secret agenda and dirt hidden within their mind. The Sagittarius will display the statesmanship and work with openness. The Virgo has the capacity to create more troubles by their egoistic approach. But the Sagittarius would overcome these problems and make their married life more comfortable to each other.

The Virgo has too much interest on the sex and pulls their partners towards their way. The Sagittarius too are interested in the sex, but keep it well under their control. Thus the Sagittarius are comfortable with their sexual activities; but the Virgo might not have been satisfied.

The Virgo displays their excellent skills; but they are no match for the leadership qualities of the Sagittarius. Though the Virgo is disgruntled in private, they may not show it in the open.

The Virgo and the Sagittarius will maintain normal relationship and help each other too. No major strains within their friendship are expected.

The Virgo and the Sagittarius will maintain a decent, matured and understanding relationship with each other.


Both the Virgo and the Capricorn are talkative, jealous and gossip mongers. This pairing will leave them both satisfied; having found the suitable match. But the egos of the Virgo are too unbearable to the Capricorn. The Virgo will be quiet baffled by the idiotic, rude and discourteous manner of the Capricorn. The Capricorn is happier with their married life; but the Virgo may not be as excited about married life.

The sexual partnership between the Virgo and the Capricorn works extremely well. Both the Virgo and the Capricorn are interested in unlimited, unnatural and illegal method of sex. But the initial period of bonhomie vanishes rapidly; the Virgo tries to wriggle out of the sexual relationship.

The Virgo uses the Capricorn for completing their illegal agenda and works. The Capricorn demands their pound of flesh for their illegal gratifications. Thus both hate each other in private and display the extraordinary friendship in public. The Virgo and the Capricorn work in unison, till it is profitable for both of them.

The Virgo and the Capricorn's relationship will wreak havoc on others business prospects. Many people will be fearful of these unholy relationships. Though both have many differences within them, both will continue their relationships till it is profitable.

The Virgo will be highly suspicious of the Capricorn's presence in their locality. The Capricorn will compliment the Virgo back with lot of trouble and mischief.

The Virgo talks too much and makes their mindset fully exposed. The Aquarius talks very less and makes them very tough for others to understand them. The Virgo will become mad for their inability to talk extensively. The Capricorn will be completely irritated by the loose talks maintained by the Virgo.  The Virgo may not be quiet comfortable with the tough, silent and hard attitudes of the Aquarius.

The Aquarius are interested in keeping their sexual activity in a veil of secrecy. The Virgo is secretive about their sexual relationship. The Virgo may not be too comfortable with the discreet silence maintained by the Aquarius.

The Virgo and the Aquarius will maintain normal relationship with each other. The Aquarius will utilize the skills and the expertise of the Virgo but irritated over the talkative nature of the Virgo. The Virgo does not find much support and trouble either from the Aquarius.

The calm natured Aquarius may not be suitable as a friend to the talkative Virgo. But both do not entertain any ill will against each other too.

The Aquarius prefers to concentrate with their own work and they do not unnecessarily interfere in matters that are not related to them. So the Aquarius will be a good neighbor to the Virgo.

The Pisces is more selfish than the Virgo when it comes to the welfare of their family interests. The Virgo interferes into the problems that are unrelated to them. The Pisces also interferes into the unrelated problems through some proxies. Thus both the Pisces and the Virgo will find it convenient to spend more time on discussing unrelated issues. The Virgo and the Pisces maintain workable relationships.

The Virgo and the Pisces has similar tastes and habits on their sexual activity. Both of them maintain a thick wall of secrecy over their activities. The Pisces and the Virgo's sexual partnership will be very formidable one. The Pisces gives all out help to the Virgo on their moral and immoral sexual mission. Both could even form a strong sexual alliance that could fully satisfy their needs.

The Virgo and the Pisces are undependable in their character; both are very perfect in deceiving others. Thus the Pisces and the Virgo are highly suspicious of each other and they may form some unholy partnership as well.

The Virgo and the Pisces are fully aware of each other's behavior. Both do not fight out in the open. Though the Virgo puts out their views in the public arena, the Pisces maintain some discreet silence but defeats the Virgo in their own game.
NEIGHBORS: The Pisces and the Virgo will have plenty of bitterness on each other. But they maintain normal ties in the public areas.