Sagittarius Horoscope


The Sagittarius tends to be soft, and gentle most of the time although they have a tendency to be outrageous, as well. They can either be seen as innocent or foolish, because of their nature.

Those of this sign are very poor at judging a person. They tend judge the  by their words and not their actions. Sagittarius is known to be too kind, even to the criminals, if they come asking for their help.

The Sagittarius is addicted to admiration and appreciation coming out of others. For the Sagittarius, even the money is secondary to the admiration done by others. The Sagittarius is easily cheated, as they do not even recognize the fake appreciations.

The Sagittarius is known to be drifting at the both the end of the spectrum in their material life. He is very fond of living in luxuries but the Sagittarius also talk of living as pious and piety in their life. As a result, the Sagittarius oscillate between the two extremes.

The Sagittarius pretends to act as if they have extraordinary talents and skills but in reality they may not have much of those skills. Those of this sign are known to choose only the right and legal path for pursuing both their personal and the public cause. He is simply incapable/unwilling/fearful of doing anything illegal and immoral.

Those of this sign simply do not harass anyone or do anything harmful. The Sagittarius is courteous, polite and very receptive to every person irrespective of their financial and social status.


The Sagittarius could easily be deceived by others this happens due to the his poor judgment capacity. They put their entire weight behind the wrong person and completely distance themselves from the right person.

This sign likes to live in a fool's paradise as they are  totally addicted to admiration by everyone including the unworthy. The Sagittarius is also very fond of self trumpeting their achievements.

This sign is highly sensitive in their nature they respond very emotionally when they were criticized. They are not steady when they are attacked by questioning their integrity. Their responses are based on emotions, and not on facts.


The Sagittarius loves their spouse very much they do not allow others to criticize or question their spouse. They speak of their fortunes by getting married to a perfect person.

In reality, the Sagittarius may not comfortable with their spouse. The Sagittarius would bluff all the way to each and everyone on getting married to such a superb person. Sometimes, they continues with the same story for the substantial period of their life.

In return, the Sagittarius person expects strong affection and love from their spouse. They often make their spouse to run pillar to post to pacify their anger and the frustration. They will often use these pressure tactics on their spouse for the duration of the marriage.


The Sagittarius is known to live within a close knit family. Even if they live away from their family, they maintain strong ties. They extend their full support that is feasible by them, to their family members wherever it is possible for them.

Those of this sign will never initiate any major fights with any of their family members and the relatives. They used to drift away from those relatives, but never stop talking entirely.

The Sagittarius talks extensively about their educational, financial and professional achievements, thereby irritating others beyond the tolerable limits. They are very sensitive to the comments of their relatives.


The Sagittarius is known to maintain a special affection to one of their children over others or they might be accused of favoring a particular child over other children.

This misconception grows throughout life and they may not enjoy comfortable relationships with all their children. The Sagittarius may not be interested/or not in a position to control the activities of their children.

In most cases, the Sagittarius is not given proper consideration/recognition by their children. They are often accused of impeding the growth of their children.  They do love their children very much, they just don't know how to express it well.


The Sagittarius is always helpful to their siblings. They maintain cordial relationship with their siblings, although it may not be returned in kind. They may get financial help from their sibling but may also help them financially. But these financial transactions always bring bad feelings between the siblings.


The Sagittarius thinks of everyone as their friends. They are easily hoodwinked by their friends, which can cause bad feelings.  They may choose not to make friends with those who are poor or beneath their financial status, which may earn them the reputation of being judgmental.

Despite these views and limitations of friendship, they tend to maintain long list of friends. The Sagittarius tries to prove their financial and social clout by keeping unusually large number of friends. 


The Sagittarius positions themselves as a important member of the family As a result they attempt to attain supremacy over their siblings. The parents of the Sagittarius value the views of the Sagittarius. Those of this sign maintain a very cordial relationship with their parents.


The Sagittarius is good a good student and take in knowledge easily. They are generally quite knowledgeable even if they haven't studied all that hard. The Sagittarius improves their knowledge over the course of their life, and is directly or indirectly helped by their spouse for gaining and acquiring the knowledge. The Sagittarius uses their knowledge to improve both their financial and social status.


Those of this sign are quick to display their skills and they speak very extensively about their sustained efforts to achieve the results. The Sagittarius may not be in a position to utilize their skills extensively may not be mentally or physically prepared to utilize those acquired skills. They are often too soft to be criticized as they lack the mental qualities to accept the rejection and negation of their skills.


The Sagittarius is too weak to be comforted they lack the strong mental ability to tackle all the ills of the daily life. They are eager to get only positive information. They do not react well to negative situations or information and they may not be able to take action as a result.

Those of this sign will never attempt to do any harm to anyone. If the Sagittarius does not like a person, they simply try to avoid interacting with them, but the Sagittarius never stops talking to them fully. The Sagittarius can be trusted and is quite dependable.


The Sagittarius will not work in any paltry jobs, instead they can be found occupying jobs that are respected in the society. They often work as spiritual leaders, preachers, teachers and any works that are related to promoting peace, tranquility or noble values. They may also be found working in social service and health related organizations. They may enjoy work in voluntary organizations helping s, animals and environment.

Those of this sign may work as a diplomat in an excellent manner they also work as judges and in judicial systems too. The Sagittarius are successful as umpires and referees in the sports system too, as they are quite neutral and fair.


The Sagittarius always appears neat and clean, but does not focus much on beautification. They do maintain some standards in dressing up but do not put much on improving their appearance.


The Sagittarius has little interest in cracking jokes and enjoying the humorous situations. They often confuse their friends by ignoring jokes, especially those played on them.  The ignoring of these jokes is usually a deliberate attempt by the Sagittarius to divert the attention away from them. The Sagittarius does not like the jokes to be played on them but they do not protest or argue.


The Sagittarius is calm, cool and composed in nature. The Sagittarius never keeps angry or frustrated for long periods of time.  They usually try to mollify the  who are affected by their anger. The Sagittarius is fully frustrated and becomes angry when they are insulted by others who wish to harm their reputation.


The Sagittarius speeches are very gentle, polite and courteous. They never speak any ill about others and will never intentionally hurt anyone by their speeches. They do not take interest in gossip and they always try to talk in an optimistic ways and never confuse anyone through their pessimistic talks.


The Sagittarius excels at organizing party functions, get togethers, and social events. They are energized and feel very happy about meeting new s they like to join and enjoy the get together too. They tend to show minimal interest in arts, cultural and theatre programs. The Sagittarius attends those arts and cultural functions only to boost their social standings and to make new friends.


The Sagittarius is usually very comfortable financially. They are born with moderate financial growth and later increase their financial positions to a comfortable level. They will have no second thoughts on helping their friends and  relatives if those  come seeking the help of the Sagittarius.


The Sagittarius has no significant enemies, as they do not allow. The Sagittarius any problems to go out of control but actively engage some compromises to bring the troubles under control. They prefer to sacrifice their interests if that brings some solution to the problems. The Sagittarius will not allow any problems to lie dormant for longer period of time. They will not carry on any vengeance on any person too, and will not allow the list of their enemies to grow. As a result, Sagittarius adjusts, sacrifices and negotiates with their foes to bring quick solution to the problems. 


The Sagittarius is healthy and do not keep them fit. The Sagittarius is quite lazy to regularly exercise to keep them fit. The Sagittarius could be affected by blood related illness, asthma and cold related illness. They will not suffer from any serious life threatening illness. But Sagittarius has to be careful on travelling and while doing any physical activities. 


The Sagittarius will be quite successful in the Politics they simply rise to the top level. They rise quickly in politics, which could be attributed to the clean image and excellent reputation they hold in the eyes of the public. The Sagittarius will never manipulate and choose an illegal method to come to the top political level. The basic characters of the Sagittarius make them more vulnerable, but their vulnerability often makes them a popular choice.


The Sagittarius leads their business organization like a mother leading the family. They will not indulge in any illegal and immoral practice to come out successful in their business deals. All the business deals that are done by the Sagittarius will be well within the Government rules and regulations.

Those of this sign maintain very soft attitude and show humane approach, while dealing with their employees, vendors and customers. As a result, the Sagittarius can not maintain strict control and authority over their business. This could seriously jeopardize the efforts of the Sagittarius to come out successful in their business activities.


The Sagittarius will not deceive, harm or deprive the employer in any way. They will be the trusted lieutenant for their employer. The Sagittarius would also work up to the satisfaction of their employer.

Those of this sign are often so open that they directly convey their displeasure over any issues to the employer itself. They will also maintain good relationship with their colleagues also. As a result, they act as a mediator between the employer and the employees. The Sagittarius will be remembered for a quite long time for their excellent services that had been rendered by them. 

The Sagittarius is interested in love and romance but keep it fully under their control. They do not allow their romance to disturb anyone or damage their personal and professional activities. The Sagittarius is very sincere to their love partners, and at no point of time will they will deceive their partners.  They will convey their displeasure directly to their love partners and try to solve the problem immediately.

The Sagittarius will not misbehave with their partners and will not take any undue advantage over them. They will not harass their love partners for sexual pleasures and will consider the desires of their partner.


The Sagittarius will not ruin their personal and professional opportunities by indulging in unlimited sexual activities. The Sagittarius will have full control over their mind and body. They generally will not enjoy multiple sexual relationships and will not deceive their love partners and will adjust to their needs.

Those of this sign usually try first to satisfy the sexual needs and then consider their sexual needs.  They do not dominate, but cooperate with their partners. They will not be aggressive, but rather very accommodative with their love partners.


The Sagittarius would find it very tough to express their love rather they respond positively to the proposal from their partner. Initially, the Sagittarius will be very shy to open up their mind but later become very friendly.

Later, the Sagittarius would attach them selves emotionally with their romance partner and become possessive too. The Sagittarius makes a slow and steady approach towards their romance partner by dominating in their daily lifestyle. The Sagittarius would exercise control over their partner through some passive manner..


The Sagittarius will maintain the same love and affection even after their marriage. They will merge and integrate all areas of their life with their partner. After sometime, the spouse may find it difficult to function without the active help of the Sagittarius. The Sagittarius emotionally attaches themselves with their spouse and may become possessive.

Those of this sign will not allow anyone to abuse or neglect their spouse before them. The Sagittarius would keep their spouse in such an excellent condition even when they are economically weak or aged and unhealthy.


Sagittarius is usually soft and gentle in nature. Most of the Sagittarius live and act as per their conscience. Sagittarius is accommodative of Aries views. Aries and Sagittarius marriages become mostly successful. The Sagittarius always tries to end all disputes with Aries. As a result, the marriage between Sagittarius and Aries is quite successful too.

Aries has the strength and power to lead/manage any organizations. Sagittarius is known for the kindness and humane approach in every aspects of the life. As a result, the partnership between Aries and Sagittarius works well. Sagittarius person moves like a friend. The relationship between Aries and Sagittarius is always quite comfortable.

Sagittarius knows how best to manage any situations. As a result, Sagittarius is mostly successful in changing the selfish characters of Aries. Though the Aries person does not like the dominance of Sagittarius person, they will not make their mind in public it is because the strong reputation being enjoyed by the Sagittarius.

Sagittarius person never indulge in any immoral activity. Sagittarius and Aries sexual relationships go on well. The Sagittarius will not allow the Aries to slip out of their control. The Aries exhibit good characteristics with help provided by the Sagittarius. It is a win-win situation for both Aries and Sagittarius.

The Taurus' are soft, gentle and more entertainment oriented lifestyle. But the Sagittarius is kind, gentle and more orthodox lifestyle. Also the Sagittarius is more spiritual in nature. They used to live as an example by leading a simple and pious lifestyle. Sagittarius character contradicts the basic characters of the Taurus. The lifestyles of Taurus and Sagittarius run as parallel lines and never converge at single point/issues. The marriage life between the Taurus and Sagittarius will not be successful too.

The Sagittarius manages the business successfully with kindness and compassion. The Sagittarius tries to solve the problem of others and make everyone to learn the fundamentals of the business. As a result, Sagittarius takes care of the wellbeing of the Taurus also. The relationship between Taurus and Sagittarius breaks down, only if the Taurus oversteps and does something odd against the business activities.

The Sagittarius male forgive the mistakes of Taurus male and female and take them into confidence. But Sagittarius female will have great dislike for Taurus male. The differences between Taurus and Sagittarius will not be out in the open.

The Sagittarius will indulge in sexual activities in a decent and limited manner. The Taurus' are on the other side, will prefer to indulge in sexual activities explicitly and anytime that they needs. As a result, Taurus and Sagittarius relationships fail after sometime and may not be satisfied too.


The Sagittarius is flexible, adjustable and accommodative to others views. The Gemini's are also partly adjustable according to the situations and they prefer to talk and discuss to solve any issues. As a result, both the Gemini and the Sagittarius have convergence on many issues and they successfully iron out any differences that arise between them. As a result, both maintain normal relationship with each other.

The Sagittarius are good at keeping themselves satisfied even though they may not be in a quite comfortable position. The Gemini's are also good at accommodating their partner's views. As a result, both the Sagittarius and Gemini help each other to be satisfied in their sexual activities.

Both the Sagittarius and the Gemini understand each other needs very well and accommodate their partner's views too. As a result, they maintain cordial relationship with each other and run the business in a successful manner.

By their basic nature, the Sagittarius maintains good relationships with the Gemini and the same friendship is being reciprocated by the Gemini too. As a result, both are friendly to each other in their work places.

The Gemini maintains cordial relationship with the Sagittarius in their neighborhood. In few cases their friendships develop into strong relationship between the two families.


The Sagittarius will love their spouse and remain truthful too. They will be highly accommodative to the views of their spouse. The Cancer will not remain truthful to their spouse and tries to remain secretive about their sexual contacts. As a result, both the Cancer and the Sagittarius will differ in each and every aspect of the married life, but the Sagittarius will try to adjust to the needs of the Cancer and ties to maintain cordial ties. The success of the married life entirely depends on the behavior of the Cancer  only.

The Sagittarius will involve only in legal and legitimate sexual activities that too in a limited manner. The Cancer could involve in illegitimate sexual activities but would find excellent sexual partnership with the Sagittarius.

The Cancer  charts their independent course of actions and they are quite undependable in nature. The Sagittarius consult and adjust with their partners. Though the Sagittarius tries to adjust with the Cancer , they may be frustrated by the manipulative tactics displayed by the Cancer. 

The Sagittarius would adjust with the Cancer and enjoy a successful neighborly relationship.


The Leo loves their family too much the Sagittarius also has too much love for their family. The Leo's know to lead the family in a successful way the Sagittarius is extremely good at managing the family affairs. As a result, both the Leo's and the Sagittarius manage their family interests in an excellent manner and become the successful couples too.

The Sagittarius adjust themselves to the needs of the Leo's. The female Sagittarius will satisfy the male Leo and keeps control over the entire activities and the lifestyle of the male Leo. The female Leo' will have nothing to complain about the male Sagittarius. As a result, both the Leo and the Sagittarius maintain full satisfaction on their sexual activities.

The Sagittarius and the Leo works in tandem in all the business matters. Both display excellent leadership qualities and know to adjust with others on every issue. The Leo and the Sagittarius maintain more matured and diplomatic relationships and will be hailed as the best partnerships.

The Leo and the Sagittarius maintain a decent, mature and intelligent relationship in their workplaces. Both do not interfere in others personal or official matters without any proper reasons. As a result, both the Leo and the Sagittarius maintain excellent an friendship in their workplace.

Even if there are any problems, the Leo and the Sagittarius discuss among themselves and work out a successful formula to solve those issues. Both maintain flexibility and try to adjust among themselves. As a result, the Leo and the Sagittarius will maintain strong friendships with each other.


Both the Virgo and the Sagittarius will have brilliance, intelligence and very humane in their approach. The Virgo has some secret agenda and dirt hidden within their mind. The Sagittarius will display the statesmanship and work with openness. The Virgo has the capacity to create more troubles by their egoistic approach. But the Sagittarius would overcome these problems and make their married life as comfortable as possible.

The Virgo is very sexual and will work to sway their partner to meet their sexual needs. The Sagittarius too are interested in the sex, but keep it well under control. As a result, the Sagittarius is comfortable with their sexual activities but the Virgo might not be satisfied.

The Virgo displays their excellent skills but they are no match for the leadership qualities of the Sagittarius. Though the Virgo is disgruntled in private, they may not show it in the open. As such, the business partnership fares well between the two signs.

The Virgo and the Sagittarius will maintain normal relationships and help each other. No major strains within their friendship are expected.

The Virgo and the Sagittarius will maintain a decent, mature and understanding relationship with each other.


The Sagittarius prefers to live a perfect lifestyle without involving in any controversies. The Libra also tries to live without much controversy despite having many negative characters. The Sagittarius is known for their accommodative, advisory and spiritual involvements and will take the Libra along with them to lead a perfect life.

The Sagittarius is known for enjoying the sexual comforts within the legal and legitimate framework. They will allow the Libra to enjoy the sexual comforts within the legitimate limits and they will have a successful sexual relationship so long as the Libra does not step outside the Sagittarius' comfort zone.

The Sagittarius will try to adjust with the Libra or advise the Libra about the correct way of doing business. The business partnership will be quite successful if the Libra does not do anything that hurts the sentiment of the Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius will display a kind and mature friendship in their workplace. The relationship will work out well so long as the Libra does not have any hidden agendas.

The Libra and the Sagittarius are expected to have decent and mature friendship with each other. The Sagittarius will keep away from any potential troubles even if it is created by the Libra.

The Scorpio  will love their spouse and work for the welfare of the family but they may be jealous and ambitious too. The Sagittarius will love their family very much and devote their resources for the welfare of the family, but they dislike jealousness of the Scorpio. As a result, the Scorpio and the Sagittarius couples will have much in common and will be able to overcome their differences.

The Scorpio will opt for a limited sex life and the Sagittarius is not all that different.  The two will enjoy their sex life, but may not engage sexually as often as some other signs will.

The Sagittarius may not like the over ambitious nature and jealousy of the Scorpio. They  will try to adjust and advise the Scorpio to have better business partnerships. The Sagittarius will try to adjust and even help the Scorpio to complete their work on time.

The Sagittarius does all kinds of social work and likes to help those around them, which allows for the two signs to coexist peacefully.


The Sagittarius couples are successful and confident in one another and their relationship. Since the Sagittarius would adjust with everyone, the couples would adjust to their preferences mutually. Also, the Sagittarius is known for accommodating to the views and needs of their spouse, the Sagittarius couple will have excellent rapport between them.

These couples would be fully comfortable on their sexual relationships. The Sagittarius would adjust and keep their sexual needs of the partner in mind. As a result, both keep their partner in a highly satisfied condition. The Sagittarius male and female are well matched in the physical and mental comforts. The Sagittarius couples will continue their mutually pleasing relationship for a long time to come.

The Sagittarius will run their business activity in an excellent way and would adjust, discuss and converse among them, to form a successful business venture. Since the Sagittarius is known to be a law abiding citizen, their business partnerships continue successfully for many more years to come.

The Sagittarius would eventually form a strong family to family relationship that withstand to the pressures of the future.


The Sagittarius will maintain sagacity and prudence in their approach. They try to be more accommodative to their Capricorn spouse and will adjust their needs based on their spouse. The Sagittarius will try to change the adamant attitude of the Capricorn with their patience, which is time consuming too. If the Sagittarius is able to bring the changes in the Capricorn, then both manage a successful married life.

The Sagittarius will try to be accommodative to the needs of the Capricorn, but if the Capricorn uses the same tough attitudes and aggressiveness, then the Sagittarius would think of quitting the relationship altogether. The initial sexual contacts may be successful later both the Sagittarius and the Capricorn may be quite uneasy on continuing their relationship.

The soft and transparent attitudes displayed by the Sagittarius stands totally in contrast to the hard and aggressive methods adopted by the Capricorn. The Sagittarius might be quite uneasy and nervous about maintaining the business relationship with the Capricorn. The Sagittarius will wait for convenient excuses to walk out of the partnerships.

The Sagittarius will not move closer with the Capricorn and will not break the ties too. The Sagittarius chooses a middle path on maintaining the relationships.

The Aquarius' are calm, cool and composed and work very hard for the well being of the family. The Aquarius knows the value of money and spends it judiciously. The Aquarius exhibits more matured outlook in solving the personal and family matters. These qualities of the Aquarius fully suit the expectation of the Sagittarius. As a result, both the Aquarius and the Sagittarius join and adjust with each other to bring the best in their life. The Aquarius and the Sagittarius couple lives quite successful even in their old age.

The Sagittarius and the Aquarius are fully adjustable to meet the sexual needs of their partner. As a result, both the Sagittarius and the Aquarius will work out a strong and cordial sexual relationship between them.

The Sagittarius is will accommodate their business partner.  Those of this sign maintain clear and transparent transactions and willing to solve every issue through discussion and cooperation. The Aquarius also maintains transparent transactions and adjusts to the needs of the Sagittarius. Though the Aquarius is less talkative, they fully cooperate with the Sagittarius to form a successful business entity. 

The Aquarius and the Sagittarius will form a strong, mature and intellectual friendship and both coexist peacefully.

The Sagittarius is known for their steady and balanced approach. They prefer clean, transparent and straight forward dealings both in their personal and the business matters. The Pisces are also known to adjust to the needs of their spouses and work for the wellbeing of the family members. The Sagittarius may not be comfortable with the certain attitudes of the Pisces but the couples will overcome these minor irritants and have successful married life.

The Sagittarius and the Pisces are quite adjustable to the sexual needs of others. They maintain friendly and accommodative approach with their partners the Pisces are pliable to the needs of the Sagittarius. As a result, both develop strong and understanding sexual partnerships that are mutually satisfying.

The Sagittarius maintains clear and transparent business transactions the Pisces maintain some ulterior motives. The Pisces will not harm the business ties until it is beneficial to them. Since the Sagittarius maintains purity in the public life, they are clearly at disadvantageous position to the Pisces.

The Pisces maintains normal neighborhood relationship with the Sagittarius.