Leo Horoscope


The Leo enjoys the first class leadership qualities and they are fast, energetic and authoritative in nature. They are easily agitated if their views are not accepted and they may use some harsh words when their discussions turn into heated arguments.

Those of this sign are used to plain talking on all personal and business matters and they are never scared of talking the truth and they never hide their displeasure even if it hurts the opposite person.

Those of this sign do not know how to speak in a more circumvent manner. The Leo' gives short and sharp answers only. The Leo is never interested in gossips. But their simple language may cause trouble for them.


The Leo is very fond of their family members. They are blinded by the extreme love for their family members. Unfortunately, they are cheated and deceived by their family members. Yet the Leo will never learn any lessons from their mistakes, they prefer to go along and support their family members.


The Leo maintains strict control over their spouse and will not allow their spouse to be free and decide on their own action plan, yet they will accommodate the needs of their spouse where possible.
Those of this sign will not hide any truth with their spouse; they used to share all information that happens on their daily life. The Leo expects the same courtesy from their spouse on this openness, although they tend to be too possessive of their spouse.


The Children are the proud possession of the Leo. They love their children very much but are not practiced in showing their affections to their children.
They usually do not scold or punish their children directly; but put their views on their children through their spouse. The result is that their children may keep some distance between them and their Leo parent.
In most cases, the Leo's become quiet unpopular with their fathers. Initially the Leo's children maintain good relationship with their father; and later they may live separately from their children.


The Leo is affectionate with their siblings. Though there may be differences with their siblings, they manage it to control the situations. The Leo never allows the relationship with their siblings to be troubled for long. The Leo will go out of their way to help their brothers in the hour of their need. Even if the Leo is not in good terms with their siblings, they keep their affections intact throughout life.


The Leo maintains few friends only as they are very selective in who they allow to become close to them. The Leo will maintain some distances with every friends, not allowing for them to be as close as family. In most cases, the friends of the Leo are connected to them through their business only. A great deal of the time the Leo keeps his friends just for his benefit, not for theirs.


The Leo gets angry easily and is quick with harsh words and actions, unmindful of it's after effects. This uncontrollable anger sometimes both personal and business matters of the Leo. But the anger of the Leo dissipates just as quickly and then they try to pacify those that they may have hurt. If the Leo believes that their anger is justified then they will not compromise on their positions.


The Leo has the best managerial and leadership qualities to manage huge organizations. They choose to maintain tight control over their employees and work forces. The Leo expects the punctuality and sincerity from their employees; they hand out some harsh punishments too. The sudden losing of tempers by the Leo, results in the use of harsh and abusive words. This attitude could create havoc in the life of the Leo.  Most of the employees are fearful of their Leo master and dislike them.


The Leo becomes the leader for the labor union and will often fight for the rights of the employees. They expect their fellow employees to follow certain disciplines and sincerity towards their management.


The Leo will eat the food so long as it is prepared correctly. They have very simple food preferences. They become quite irritable when hungry, and they prefer to have home cooked meals rather than those prepared at a restaurant.


The Leo always works as a manager of a firm, leader of society or groupings, leader of employees union or any type of jobs that control large work forces. It is easy to find that much of the work the Leo does is in government jobs and many quasi government organizations. The Leo is capable of leading the non violent and legal protest groups.

On the negative side, the Leo is the main contender for the top post of the illegal groupings. They occupy the top slot in every organization and may occupy some positions on both the government and the protest groups.


The Leo is good at performing in the political arena. Since the Leo is fast, energetic and has the leadership qualities, they are the perfect choice for the politics. Their speed and humane approach and the reliance on legal methods helps them to achieve the top slots in the politics very easily.

The Leo faces the problems in their life periods due to the following reasons including but not limited to:

    1. Their one sided judgment and the tilt towards their family members     
    2. Their burst of sudden anger and frustration and use of harsh words.
    3. Their excessive emphasis on discipline and sincerity.
    4. The tight and authoritative control maintained by the Leo

These qualities could lead to the downfall of their political ambitions.

The Leo has too much love and affection for their relatives. They do not show their affection explicitly. But their actions and speeches are pointed towards their level of affection. The Leo treats their family members and relatives as their royal guests. They tend to arrange extraordinary feasting opportunities for their relatives in their home.


The Leo tends to purchase property by themselves and inherit their ancestral properties. They never cheat their siblings share of their property. In some cases, the Leo voluntarily gives up their rightful share to settle those issues. They plan well in advance to avoid property issues, which will often lead to the Leo being cheated by their siblings.


The Leo has plenty of romance in their heart but never knows how to express it to their partner. They simply don't know how to whisper sweet nothings to their partners, which can be frustrating for those that maintain relationships with the Leo.


The Leo is educated and well informed, but they lack the in depth analysis of the subjects that they have professed. They are usually moderately educated, but may never finish educational programs that they start.  They often switch their line of activity away from the skills that had been acquired by them. Or, they never get a chance to prove their skills.


The Leo maintains tough stand over its vendors, customers and their entire work force. They maintain a rigid grip over their entire business operations. The Leo is more particular in maintaining punctuality, sincerity and systematic functioning of the business activities.

The Leo lacks proper business technique. They are adept at making many improvements from the existing method of functioning.

The Leo tends to have extraordinary talents in developing the new system to streamline the complex procedure maintained in the industry.

Those of this sign do not excel in inventing any new products; they are capable of developing the existing products/systems only. The Leo is good at adapting to any type of setting but doesn't do well coming up with their own products or systems.


Those of this sign maintain some status and reputations with their family, friends and in the society; and also in their business circles. They are of the opinion that it is below them to indulge in entertainment.
This line of arguments and thinking makes the Leo's to avoid all kinds of entertainment. At best, the Leo's make some visits to theatres in their early age. There after the Leo's fully avoid all kinds of entertainment in the later part of the life. The Leo's even avoid hearty laughing, which could be construed to be misunderstood for their weakness.


The Leo is health conscious and never indulge in any bad habits that could affect their health. The Leo is scared of using strong medicines; they prefer to use nature based foods and remedies that keep their health in good condition. The Leo's basically keeps some simple tips which are friendly to natural environment for the upkeep of their good health.

Thus the Leo's will not be affected by any major health crisis; they may be free from all type of sickness in their life time. They get affected by heat related illness, muscular and nervous problems.

But Leo's will suffer heavily on account of any brief illnesses that are likely to affect them once or twice in their lifetime. Also the Leo's gets their first child only after the initial struggle or delay.


The Leo maintains a neat appearance but they do not indulge in beautifying themselves. They never spend money or waste their time to make them attractive. The Leo is scared of using chemicals or synthetic materials in their bodies; they prefer to use some natural ways or materials to enhance their appearance.

The Leo is often interested in buying costly dress materials, sun glasses, shoes and other gadgets that they use regularly. They are very choosy in selecting those gadgets for their personal uses. They are fond of using the best soaps, perfumes and toiletries.


The Leo excels at art. They will maintain the collection of antiquities and they are good at preserving the old items. Thus they may have the collections of the old items like pens, stamps, coins, culinary, automobiles and so many more items.


The Leo is capable of earning lot of enemies both within their family, friends and relatives; and from unknown circles too. Their abusive language, uncontrollable anger and tough stance helps to create long list of opponents.


Those of this sign have the capability of making the list of opponents to grow longer. The Leo has the addiction towards the luxurious goods and gadgets. The Leo has the mentality to buy the best product in all categories, where money can buy it. Thus the Leo will overstep their financial limits and land themselves in bigger troubles than ever.

Those born of this sign have a habit of showcasing their wealth, affluence and their addiction to invaluable luxury goods; this brings bitterness within their friends and family members.


The Leo is not explicit in their love for their father and mother, but they respect and love their parents. They either speaks very little with their father or they maintain only formal talks and discussions. On the other hand, the Leo maintains some tough equations with their mother. The mother of the Leo have lot of grievances to explain about their wards. A Leo never allows others to talk about their parents including their own spouses.


The Leo struggles when they enter into a romantic relationship. They often fail to show their extensive love that they have within their mind. The Leo has the habit of making some plain and realistic talks with their partners.

Leo is not mischievous and present them in a serious and matured look. The Leo is devoid of jokes and humor in their talks. Thus the entire burden of making and keeping the love affairs in a lively manner fully rests with the partner's of the Leo only.

The love affairs of the Leo female look extremely vague; the female Leo keeps their love partners on tender hook. It is hard to understand the real motives of the female Leo. Thus their partners undergo tremendous experience on their love affairs with Leo.

The attitudes of the female Leo keeps changing always; because the Leo female does not want to show themselves as pliable or submissive. The Leo female will want to maintain their status irrespective of their love affairs.

The female Leo rarely indulges in sexual activities before their marriages; and they will not allow their partners to exploit them.


The Leo treats their spouse as their exclusive property. They start to exercise their full control over their spouse. They often become too possessive of their spouse, fixing the daily schedule, itinerary and the preference on behalf of their spouse.

The Leo's possessiveness and strict control brings in unlimited irritations and frictions with their spouse. They takes more time to get settled down with their spouse in the initial marriage period. Either the Leo's spouse has to be submissive and adjust to their newly wed life, or they should be ready for the break down of their relationships. The male Leo puts the entire responsibility on the shoulders of their spouse; preparing exclusive food, keeping them in comfort and attending all their sexual demands.

The female Leo will keep their partners very happy; but become very furious if they find any illegal sexual behavior by their partners. The female Leo is too sensitive and become very furious if their honesty and reputation are dishonored.


The Leo will not stray into any immoral or secretive relationship to quest their sexual thirst. They are fully dependent on their spouse for their sexual needs. So the Leo places a heavy burden of satisfying their sexual needs on their spouse. The Leo becomes completely frustrated, if they do not get proper cooperation from their life partners.


The male Leo is possessive, energetic and never opts for an immoral sex needs. These qualities satisfy the most of the expectations of Aries female. Thus both of them become successful couples.

The female Leo is aggressive, honest and sincere in their love. The male Aries are selfish and keeps some immoral interests in their sexual attitudes. Thus both do not coexist peacefully each other. The marriage becomes successful only if the Aries male does deviate from the correct path.

The female Aries has to satisfy the aggressive needs of male Leo and this could very well irritate the female Aries over time. The male Aries will not be fully satisfied with female Leo for their sexual needs. The male Aries tries to open another channel to satisfy their sexual needs in the long run.

The Leo and the Aries performs well as business partners; it is due to the basic strength and ability of the both. If the Aries tries to further their own selfish interests, then the Leo will never wait for few seconds to break the partnerships.

The Leo will not do anything unless the Aries disturbs the interests of the him. If the Aries oversteps their bounds, then it could cause problems in their relationship with the Leo.

The Aries and the Leo will coexist peacefully next to each other. If the Aries does any wrong doings, then it could create troubles between the Aries and the Leo.

The female Taurus will become perfect match for the male Leo. The male Taurus keeps their sexual option always open; this sexual behavior by the male Taurus invites the immediate retribution from the female Leo. The success of their marriage depends on the sincerity shown by the male Taurus only.

The female Taurus becomes the perfect fodder for the aggressive male Leo. A female Taurus will be slightly dissatisfied with romance less sex of male Leo. If the male Taurus becomes submissive to the needs of the female Leo, then both enjoy their sexual activities.

The Leo could be totally dissatisfied with the attitude and the general behavior of the Taurus. If the Taurus does not disturb the system and methods put in place by the Leo then the partnerships work to a certain level.

The Leo never uses the workplaces for their personal needs. But the Taurus uses the place for promoting their romance too. This could be the only reason that brings friction on the relationship within the Leo and the Taurus.

The Leo never interferes in personal life of others. The male and the female Leo will not have troubles with female Taurus. There could be some conflict of interests if the male Taurus promote their romance in the neighborhood.


The female Gemini will adjust to the needs of the male Leo. She adapts herself to all types of the situation in the Leo's family. These qualities of the female Gemini satisfy the male Leo immensely. The male Gemini's are fully family oriented person who looks after their family very much; this puts the female Leo on the same zone. Thus the Leo and the female Gemini maintain the successful married life.

The Gemini maintains secrecy over their sexual needs and activities, but generally the relationship with the Leo works out very well.

The Gemini's brilliance and expertise helps the Leo in the successful running of the business activities. They will hate the dominance of the Leo. The Leo will be more suspicious on the motives of the Gemini.

Both Gemini and Leo will have healthy relationship with each other,  they become suspicious only if their interests are curtailed by the others.

The Gemini and the Leo will maintain diplomatic relationship with each other. But the Gemini will hate the dominance of the Leo in private.


The Cancer peoples are slow, steady and undependable in character; they are selfish and very secretive in nature. The male Leo could adjust their life with female Cancer. But the female Leo will find it tough to adjust their life with the Cancer person. A Cancer changes their attitude and lifestyle after the childbirth, allowing the couple to enjoy a successful marriage long term.

As a general rule, the Cancer is more secretive over their sexual life. None can predict the exact motives of the Cancer, as they have both moral and immoral sexual interests.. The Leo could be cheated by the Cancer people on the sexual activities. The Le and Cancer may suffer troubles from their sexual relationships at the later stage.

The Cancer is more cunning and undependable in nature. Though the Cancer maintains a very low profile, they could pose bigger threats to the Leo at the later stage. The business partnerships are not expected to last long.

The Leo would find the relationship with the Cancer is not moving in the right direction. As a result they will keep some safe distance away from the Cancer or they fight it out with them.

The Leo is used to move in a complete transparent manner on the public issues. But the Cancer's are just the opposite by maintaining their secrets. Thus the Leo does not entertain friendship with the Cancer , but prefer to speak to the Cancer in a formal manner.


The Leo is fast, energetic and sensitive too. They are independent minded with plain talking; and maintains transparent actions. The Leo couples are good at discussing and finding solution to the problems within themselves. The Leo is mature enough to cooperate with each other. But if one of them maintain adamant views or actions, then it is quiet impossible for the Leo couples to live peacefully.

The Leo couples enjoy more sex and less romance. But after some time, both the Leo's feel quiet monotonous in their sexual activities. This romance less life makes the female Leo to feel more isolated and makes her more disinterested in the sexual activities at the later stage.

The Leo's partnership in business/trade works very well because of their identical strength in the managerial and leadership qualities. The Leo will pull the business into the direction of making profits. But if any one of the Leo tries to dominate the other Leo, then it could pose serious threats in their partnership.

The Leo does not function under any person, even another Leo. But if they work in any unrelated areas or different departments, then both the Leo's will become stronger in their friendships.

The Leo maintains a strong and very decent friendship with each other. They do not have anything to differ much among themselves; thus both the Leo's will become good neighbors.


The Virgo is slow, calm and brilliant peoples; they quickly grasp with any situations and find solutions too. The Virgo quickly understands the behavior of male Leo and adjusts herself to the current situations. The male Virgo is very quick to adapt them to the fast forward nature of the female Leo. Thus both the Leo and the Gemini will find their partnership working; and become successful too in their married life.

The Virgo has too much interest in the sex; but they are quiet about it. The female Virgo is perfectly matched with the sexual appetite for the male Leo. Although, the male Virgo may not be fully satisfied with his sexual partnership with the female Leo.

The Virgo will not work under any leadership; they will not part with their full ability if forced to do so. These qualities of the Virgo's could very well irritate the Leo. Thus the half hearted partnership displayed by the Virgo will not help to build healthy relationship with the Leo.

The Virgo is known to be one who can not be satisfied at all. The level of ambition with Virgo does grow by each passing day. The Virgo will have different set of ambitions than the Leo, which could cause tensions.

Though the Virgo resents the dominance of the Leo in private, they maintain a healthy neighborhood relationship with the Leo. The Leo too will be impressed by the politeness of the Virgo.


The Leo maintains some limits on entertainment, sex and lavish attitudes. The Libra enjoys their full freedom on entertainment, the unlimited sex and the complete luxurious lifestyle. The male Leo dislikes the high pitch entertainment and the unending sex appetite by the Libra. The female Leo could not bear the male Libra's immoral sexual activities. It can be difficult for this pairing to last.

The female Libra would perfectly fit into the sexual interests of the Leo. Though the male Leo's enjoy the unending sexual pleasure in the beginning, the Leo's find it hard to keep control of the Libra over time. The sexual partnership of the female Leo and male Libra will end abruptly either by the female Leo or by the ditching of the male Libra.

The over ambitious nature of the Libra irritates the Leo too much. The Libra is known to intervene in  matters without any invitation, which could very well damage the business partnership between the Leo and the Libra.

The talkative nature and interfering characters of the Libra's are disliked the Leo. Thus the Leo maintains some distance away from the Libra in the work place. The Leo and the Libra are not friends, but are not opponents either.

The Libra's talkative nature may create small frictions on the friendship with the Leo. But there are no major disagreement, allowing for them to maintain normal neighborhood relationships.

The Scorpio is slow, elusive and selfish.  They also tend to be pessimistic. Those of this sign love their family very much and often work for their family interests above all else.  As such, the Leo and the Scorpio can enjoy a happy relationship.

The Scorpio will never place their sexual pleasure above their family interests. Rather, they adjust to the realities and learn to live in the best interest of the family welfare. The Scorpio will keep their Leo partners fully satisfied and will adjust their needs accordingly.

The Scorpio is pessimistic, although even if they are not satisfied with their positions, they will not do any major sabotage; nor involve in any matters that could jeopardize their relationships with the Leo.

The Scorpio does not pose any serious threat to the Leo at their work place, allowing them to work together well.
NEIGHBORS: The Scorpio never disturb their Leo neighbor, allowing for them to maintain a positive neighborly relationship.


The Leo's love their family too much and this is a trait that they share with the Sagittarius. The Leo's know to lead the family in a successful way; the Sagittarius' are extremely good at managing the family affairs. Thus both the Leo and the Sagittarius manage their family interests in an excellent manner and maintain good relations over time.

The Sagittarius will adjust themselves to the needs of the Leo. The female Sagittarius will satisfy the male Leo and keep control over their life. The female Leo will have nothing to complain about the male Sagittarius, making for a great union in the bedroom.

The Sagittarius and the Leo work well on all business matters. Both display excellent leadership qualities and know to adjust as needed. The Leo and the Sagittarius maintain a mature and diplomatic business relationship.

The Leo and the Sagittarius maintain a decent, mature, and intelligent relationship in their workplaces. They do not interfere in others personal or official matters without any proper reasons, allowing for a positive relationship.

Even if there are any problems, the Leo and the Sagittarius discuss among themselves and work to solve those issues. Both maintain flexibility and try to adjust among themselves to enjoy a positive relationship.


The Capricorn is jealous, talkative and very weak in keeping the secrets. The Leo is straight forward in their activities and do not interfere in unnecessary issues. The male Leo could overcome the difficulty and keep their relationship intact with the female Capricorn, however the female Leo may not feel comfortable with the male Capricorn.  Very few marriages between these signs are successful.

The Capricorn is very sexual and will go to any lengths to have a satisfying sexual relationship.  Their sexual activities could be a frustrating experience for their partners. The male Leo could find the female Capricorn to be their best choice for quenching the sexual thirst on a short term basis, but female Leo may dislike the attitudes of the male Capricorn.

The Capricorn cannot be trusted as they change their attitudes as per the situation. The Capricorn is complaining in nature and cannot satisfied at all. As such, the partnering will be difficult between these two signs.

The Leo will not allow the Capricorn to work with them. The Leo will be watchful over the activities of the Capricorn and teach them strong lessons if they overstep their bounds.

The Capricorn will create headaches for the Leo if they are not on good terms. The Leo will not entertain the Capricorn as their trusted neighbor.

The Aquarius is highly monotonous, calm, and tends not to interfere. They keep their emotions under their total control.. The male Leo will be quiet satisfied with calm natured female Aquarius. While the female Leo will be more comfortable with non intrusive and well behaved male Aquarius. Thus both the Leo and the Aquarius will successfully manage their family affairs.

The Leo and the Aquarius will indulge in sexual activities but sets their own limits. Both of them are not overt in their romantic activity. The Leos and the Aquarius will not let the sexual activities to disturb their normal life. Thus both of them are quiet understanding to each other needs and enjoy their sexual pleasure to their satisfaction.

The Aquarius is generally highly skilled, but will not make fuss about it. The Aquarius keeps themselves calm and cool despite having abundant knowledge. The Leo does not find any problem in engaging the Aquarius and can enjoy the relationship immensely.

Both the Aquarius and the Leo will maintain intellectual relationship with each other. Their friendship brings benefits to both of them.

In most cases, both the Leo and the Aquarius have convergence on their views. The Aquarius will practice hands off policy on all matters. This impresses the Leo and maintains a healthy relationship with the Aquarius.


The Pisces is soft, elusive and very vindictive in nature. The Leo is fast, committed and impartial, making the two signs as different as can be. In the initial stages, the Leo is comfortable with the Pisces, but when the Leo gets to know about the real nature of the Pisces, their differences may keep them apart. 

The female Pisces is a great match for the male Leo. The female Pisces will add fuel to raging fire of the aggressive sex attitudes of the male Leo. But the female Leo will fight to finish with male Pisces, if the male Pisces deviates from the moral path.

The Pisces will display no mercy and show arrogance and treachery with almost everyone in the business activities. The Leo will be too shocked to learn about the true nature of the Pisces. Thus the Leo will be forced to come out of the partnership with the Pisces.

The Pisces will be disliked by everyone for their duplicity and treachery. But the Pisces has the capacity to mask their intentions and husk up their activities. The Leo will not entertain the relationship with the Pisces.

Unless the interests of the Pisces and the Leo are not bound together, there will not be any problems between the two signs.