Capricorn Horoscope


The Capricorn is tough, adamant and jealous in nature. They tend to be very ambitious in their life and as a result they often rise through the ranks quickly. The Capricorn chooses to become rich in as little time as possible. They look for immediate gratification rather than being happy pursuing a top position through hard work.

The Capricorn does not mind employing any method that brings them the immediate gains and the benefit. Thus the Capricorn people do not feel any qualms about involving them in all types of illegal, immoral and illegitimate ways.

Those of this sign generally have a very sharp mind; they easily recognize any changes that happens around them. The Capricorn will find every type of corruption, forgery and criminal activities which they may use to their advantage.

The Capricorn does not have any censorship abilities; they say what they feel. The Capricorn will not store anything in their mind; but prefer to let the world know just what they are thinking when they are thinking it.  The result of this is that they often struggle to keep friends because they share secrets and personal information with others. Because of this, they will be avoided in important discussions in the family and in the workplace. The Capricorn will not realize their mistakes; rather they find fault with others.

Those of this sign will perform better if they are accompanied by the good people; and badly if they are close to the questionable characters.


The Capricorn will often appear to be very strong, yet they tend to lack willpower and do not do well when in an emergent situations. Those of this sign are usually not able to control their mind and passions. These qualities force the Capricorn to look for short term remedies such as food, alcohol, and drugs. The Capricorn will never listen to any advice or counseling; but move forward in what they think is the right path.

Those of this zodiac sign will never hesitate to involve in any illegal activity if it brings gains or benefits to them, which will generally earn them a less than positive reputation, especially with the law.


The Capricorn is known to have a contentious relationship with their spouse. This is because those of this sign usually do not adjust to the needs or views of their spouse.  They often torture their spouses emotionally and the spouse may suffer through the Capricorn's addiction to food, drugs or alcohol.  The Capricorn who is willing to learn from his mistakes can have a happy marriage.


The Capricorn loves their children very much; but does not know to express their feelings explicitly. They show the same inflexibility and the ruggedness towards their children as they do to their spouses, which may result in some estrangement between parent and child.

Most of the time the Capricorn does not understand the tender feelings of the children. Those of this sign tend to believe that by looking after the economic needs of the children that they have fulfilled their job as a parent. The result is that the children are often hesitant to engage their parent, even in old age.


The Capricorn would accuse their parents for their bad luck and the state of their lifestyle as they still do not accept that they are responsible for anything that may have gone wrong.


The Capricorn will be a thorn in the flesh of their siblings. Their siblings either have to face a hostile Capricorn brother or should be in a position to help the Capricorn always. Yet, the Capricorn would put their differences aside and fight for their siblings cause. As a result, those of this sign are often viewed as a savior of the family.


The Capricorn is likely to have deep knowledge in all things that strike their fancy. Often times, the relatives seek the help of the Capricorn, if any doubts or problem arises in the particular area where the Capricorn is thought to have knowledge.  In many instances this implied knowledge leads to contention between the Capricorn and their family members.

The Capricorn is very particular with finances. They often become angry when they feel that their work has not paid off in the form of funds and will The use foul language toward on anyone, whatever their position from the high and mighty to sundry.  When the Capricorn is angry those who know him tend to stay away.


The Capricorn prefers to be friendly with anyone, if that friendship brings them any gains or profits. They consider only the monetary gains as their yardsticks for keeping anyone as friends. They also tend to maintain close and intimate relationship with their friends when they are benefitting or are likely to benefit in the near future. Those of this sign will, unfortunately, forget their intimate friends, when the friend is of no financial use. The Capricorn will act as trusted party until their financial needs are met.


The Capricorn has moderate education in their young age.  They will pass their exams with average marks; and get their degree after some grueling exercises. Yet, they are good at grasping the knowledge from the events going on around them. The Capricorn uses their  sharp senses so that nothing goes out of their attention. Their knowledge is enhanced more through practical learning than through the academic studies.


The Capricorn is gifted with excellent skills and will excel in many different areas. They are even quite successful even in untested areas.

Their concentration goes deep into the core area of the problem, when they sense that it is going to benefit them monetarily. Thus they learn the length and breadth of the subjects to acquire full knowledge.

Those of this sign enhance their skills with their vibrant speeches; they never hesitate to boost their skills with too many lies. The Capricorn is adept in creating real time stories that make the other person finds it very hard to disbelieve. They are adept at twisting the facts for their benefits; thus others do not take their statements at their face value.


The Capricorn is a mid level player.  They will start their career from their humble beginnings and quickly rise to an important level in the organization by cultivating their skills in a proper manner. The Capricorn maintains extreme patience and withstands insults if it gets them further.

The Capricorn will often try to position themselves by making use of the errors committed by others. They may also attempt to play everyone against one another by their tactful skills to get ahead.

The Capricorn would work hard on their job responsibilities; even commit them into various other business responsibilities. They would create a situation where it is extremely difficult to find a suitable person to replace them. These actions secure their position over time.


The employer of the Capricorn would treat them as their trusted aide; the Capricorn would oblige all the dictates of their employer. Thus they earn the goodwill and get to know the official and personal secrets of their employer.
This emboldens them to behave in a most irresponsible manner. The Capricorn uses this position to bolster their financial position. They will often pit employees and employers against one another, and then they may end up unwanted by the both the groups at a later date.


The Capricorn maintains strict control over their business. They never trust anyone and keep direct vigil on all matters. They will never show any mercy to anyone; the vendors, customers and their employees.

Those of this sign want the perfect sales and collection of dues; they become so aggressive if there are any obstacles on it. The Capricorn would not allow the employees to work more than a single day; if there employment already served its purpose. As an employer they will not have mercy on their employees; and the employees will maintain grievance against their employer.


The Capricorn gives very little attention to their beauty and appearance.  In fact, they are often scolded and ridiculed by their colleagues, friends and even by the family members about their shabby dresses, unclean habits and peculiar behavior. The Capricorn does not attach much significance to these comments.


The Capricorn could be afflicted with skin related sickness, indigestion, liver and nerve problems, as well as a dependence on alcohol and drugs.


The Capricorn eats anything that is edible but they are more interested in spicy and hot foods. They tend to be too comfortable when they do not have to pay. They like to eat heartily, especially when they are younger, although this appetite will lessen over time.


The Capricorn does not know to speak in gentle and polite ways. The speech of the Capricorn is often mixed with indecent and filthy words. Those of this sign are often known for their anger; they discharge highly aggressive words at that time. The speeches of the Capricorn would produce many detractors and cynics both open and secretive in nature.


The Capricorn is too sensitive and they keep their mind in an agitated state; thus they are prone to both frustration and depression. When the Capricorn loses their control they will explode violently with anger. That time is quite dangerous as it could lead to scuffle or more serious troubles.


Most part of the humor of the Capricorn is all about imitating the behavior of other people.  They are quite happy about commenting on the private lifestyle of their opponents.


The Capricorn makes enemies easily. Those of this sign create a lot of controversy through their speeches. They believe everyone and share their views so openly that it reaches the intended person very easily.
The opponents of the Capricorn do not come out so openly toward the Capricorn for the fear of strong retribution and reprisals from the Capricorn.


If anyone borrows money from the Capricorn, it would land them into a trap, as the Capricorn takes their money very seriously. If the Capricorn borrows money from other, it would be next to impossible to get their money back. They will fight to the finish if they are cheated in the money matters; it is better to keep away from the Capricorn on any money related matters or disputes.


The Capricorn is not all that interested in the arts, culture and cultural programs. The Capricorn finds entertainment in; partying with lot of booze and drugs. Their idea of entertainment is not complete without the involvement of sex or sexual activity.


The Capricorns are fully qualified to be successful in the political arena. They generally fulfill the post of middle level players or power brokers in their political career. Those of this sign can often be found as personal assistants to important political functionaries. The Capricorn will aim to achieve to the highest position after deceiving many others that come in their way. They will not show any mercy to the political opponents.


The ruggedness does not allow the Capricorn to be soft, gentle and polite. The Capricorn does not even know that how to start the romance and continue with the love affairs. The arrogance and aggressiveness of the Capricorn would force the girl to be very fearful of the Capricorn. Those of this sign would be greatly disturbed and agitated by the response of the girls to their love and the romance proposals. Also the Capricorn would find it difficult to draw a line between the romance and the sex.


The Capricorn is often thought of as a tough, terrific and aggressive personality. While they try to instill fear on the minds of their friends, family, colleagues, spouse and neighbors, they are often very weak minded, fearful and crestfallen personality. Only very few known persons could understand the true character of the Capricorn.


The Capricorn is known for their voracious sexual needs. They will go so far as pawning their time, money, job and even the reputation for indulging in their favorite sexual activities. Those of this sign generally have varied interests in the sex ranging from the normal to the abnormal relationships.

The Capricorn would look for their own satisfaction; thus they pressurize their partners for more sex. The harassment meted out by the Capricorn would force their partner to rethink on their relationships. In many cases the Capricorn will seek out multiple partners to meet their sexual needs.


The Capricorn is very sensitive and inquisitive about love, romance and the sex. Romance and sex for the Capricorn is closely mingled. The sexual necessities of the Capricorn will often force them to learn how to be a bit more romantic.

The Capricorn does not learn much about their partners before becoming involved with them. Those of this sign will often rush their decision on choosing their romance partner, which they often regret later. Those of this sign generally give royal treatment to their partner; they place their partner above their life.

If the Capricorn's love proposal is being rejected, then the Capricorn will not be depressed or disappointed. Rather, they will regroup and within a few days will resume their day to day life like nothing happened.


The Capricorn will eventually lose their attention on their spouse; once their initial sexual chemistry fades. Thus the Capricorn would eventually alienate their spouse; by slowly drifting away from the relationships.

The Capricorn is questioned by their spouse for their omission and commissions. This angers the Capricorn very much and starts to show their real character, creating a riff in the relationship. They will often use this as an excuse to indulge in alcohol and drugs.  They may take to harassing their spouse in an extreme manner to circumvent their lapses and faults. The Capricorn stands accused of damaging their married life.


The Capricorn is unable to withhold information within them. They also tend to be a little jealous and depressed and is also known for doing things that are considered illegal and immoral too. Aries men and Capricorn women has nothing to fight about. But Aries women find it tough to live with Capricorn men.

The Capricorn generally works in lower level jobs. They will perform well as secretaries, personal assistants to top level bureaucrats, corporate and policy makers. Aries and Capricorn fits well into each other shoes. But Aries will always keep suspicious eye over Capricorn, because of their undependable character in nature.

If Aries and Capricorn are on good terms, then they make the life difficult for others. If they have any tension, then Capricorn will make the life difficult for Aries. The Capricorn has the capacity to unravel the scandals done by the Aries; and making it public.

The Capricorn is often interested in some illegality in sexual activities. Thus Aries men will have no qualms about having sexual relationship with Capricorn women. Capricorn women meet all the expectation of Aries men in the bedroom. But Aries women find it tough to maintain their relationship with Capricorn men.

The Capricorn is highly aggressive, talkative and has odd habits and may be addicted to a variety of different substances. These behaviors could very well irritate their life partners. The success of marriage between Taurus and Capricorn is depending on the Capricorn's behavior.

The Capricorn is expert in their skills, efficiently running the business activities but lacking leadership qualities. The Taurus is also marginal qualities in managing the business which can make a pairing of the two disastrous and contentious.

The Capricorn is highly mischievous and can not keep the secrets with them. They are usually either the instigator of troubles or will be the source of troubles. Thus Taurus will find themselves on a slippery slope if they have a Capricorn as a neighbor.

The Capricorn is very harsh and crude in the bedroom and this could irritate the Taurus and they choose to terminate their relationship with the Capricorn. The Taurus male will find a perfect sex partnership with Capricorn female. But the female Taurus will not sustain their sexual partnership with Capricorn male for a long period of time.


The Capricorn is more talkative in nature while the Gemini is more quiet. Generally speaking, the Capricorn is jealous, aggressive and quite troublesome as their character and this could be hurtful to the Gemini. The Gemini will often be drawn to the Capricorn in the beginning but later regret getting involved.

The Gemini female may not show much interest in the Capricorn male while the Gemini male maintain their sexual relationship with the Capricorn female, as long as it suits both of them.

The Gemini keeps the company of the Capricorn to meet all their legal, illegal and immoral acts. The Capricorn is too receptive to this sort of agreements. Then the Capricorn derives the maximum benefit out of the illegal deals. Thus both maintain their relationship until both are benefited from their murky deals.

The Gemini tries to keep himself safely away from the Capricorn's influence. They will often despise one another, but will put on a good face in public.

The Capricorn could make the life of the Gemini into a troublesome experience. The Gemini understands the full impact of the Capricorn's relationships. Thus the Gemini chooses to keep a minimum friendship with the Capricorn to avoid all future troubles.


The Capricorn is tough, adamant and aggressive in nature. The Cancer is slow, cunning and regressive in nature. If the couples uses these negative qualities for the upkeep and welfare of their family interests, then they are successful; both in personal and financial matters. The Cancer and the Capricorn become deadly combination if they choose to use these negative qualities for any illegal purposes.

The Capricorn and the Cancer have the same level of interest in sex. The Cancer is less explicit in their sexual activities while the Capricorn is more explicit in their sexual activities.

Both the Capricorn and the Cancer have more or less same qualities and mindset on managing the business organizations. The Cancer is very cunning, they maintain complete silence and very manipulative too. The Capricorn is very rough, volatile and highly aggressive. Thus both are nervous about each other; the small tiff could lead to all out war on both sides.

The Cancer and the Capricorn are highly suspicious and critical of each other. If the Cancer instigates any troubles, the Capricorn will end up fighting with them. They tend to be very uncomfortable around one another.


The Capricorn is jealous, talkative and very weak in keeping secrets. The Leo is straight forward in their activities and do not interfere in unnecessary issues. The male Leo could overcome the difficulty and keep their relationship intact with the female Capricorn. But the female Leo may not feel comfortable with the male Capricorn.

The Capricorn has unlimited thirst for sex; they go to any extent to satisfy their sexual requirements. The Capricorns sexual activities could be a frustrating experience for their partners. The male Leo could find the female Capricorn to be their best choice for quenching the sexual thirst in the short term. The female Leo may dislike the attitudes of the male Capricorn, and so the relationship could be a hit or a miss.

The Capricorn cannot be trusted as they change their attitudes as per the situation. The Capricorn is of complaining in nature and could not be satisfied at all. Thus the Leo will find it hard to work alongside the Capricorn.

The Leo will not allow the Capricorn to work with them. They will be watchful over the activities of the Capricorn and teach them strong lessons if they overstep their bounds.

The Capricorn will create headaches for the Leo if they are not on good terms. The Leo will not entertain the Capricorn as their trusted neighbor.


Both the Virgo and the Capricorn are talkative, jealous and gossip mongers. Thus both of them will be satisfied; having found a suitable match. But the egos of the Virgo are unbearable to the Capricorn. Likewise, the Virgo will be baffled by the idiotic, rude and discourteous manner of the Capricorn. The Capricorn is happier with their married life but the Virgo may go through good times and bad in the relationship.

The sexual partnership between the Virgo and the Capricorn works very well. Both the Virgo and the Capricorn are interested in unlimited, unnatural and illegal methods of sex.

The Virgo uses the Capricorn for completing their illegal agenda and work. The Capricorn demands their dues for their illegal gratifications. As such, they may dislike each other in private and display the extraordinary friendship in public. The Virgo and the Capricorn work in unison so long as it is financially beneficial for both of them.

The Virgo and the Capricorn's relationship will wreak havoc on the business prospects of others. Many people will be fearful of these unholy relationships, despite their less than peaceful relationship.

The Virgo will be highly suspicious of the Capricorn's presence in their neighborhood.


The Capricorn is jealous, mischievous and highly intrusive in character. The Libra is jealous, ambitious and slightly intrusive too. Both are very comfortable in all types of sexual activity. These negative factors will bind them stronger; both enjoy the negative form of these lifestyles. But the Libra and the Capricorn could be affected at a later stage by getting deeply involved in these negative characters.

The Libra and the Capricorn are the perfect partners for sexual relations. The Capricorn will aggravate the already shaky and questionable sexual attitudes of the Libra by engaging them more into illegitimate and illegal sexual activities. The sexual partnership between the Libra and the Capricorn becomes too deadly at the later stages.

The Libra and the Capricorn is more than equal to others; both are good at all types of illegal and immoral activities. Thus both maintain their partnership so long as it is beneficial to both of them.

The Libra and the Capricorn join together in any illegal work; but will be highly suspicious of each other. Both will not hesitate to deceive other if they perceive it to benefit to them.

The Capricorn is capable of creating nightmarish experience for the Libra. The Libra tends to keep some distance away from the Capricorn.

The Scorpio people are calm, jealous and maintain a subdued presence. The Capricorn are rough, violent and agitating in nature. The Scorpio may find it difficult to cope with violent natured Capricorn people. The Scorpio people try their best in avoiding the troubles in the married life. If the life is made more unbearable by the Capricorn, then after great reluctance the Scorpio could walk out of the marriage.

The Capricorn people will maintain some irritating habits and opts for more sex. The sexual needs of the Capricorn will be too much; more than the tolerable limits for the Capricorn. Thus the Scorpio could easily lose all the interests in continuing the sexual relationships with the Capricorn. Both will continue their relationship only for limited period of time.

The Capricorn displays a peculiar behavior in the workplace. They find the wrongdoing of others and instigate troubles and confusion. The Capricorn will maintain a relationship with the Scorpio as long as it benefits them. The over ambitious and jealousy nature of the Scorpio would force them to preserve friendship with the Capricorn.

The Scorpio will try to keep away from the Capricorn due to their mischievous attitudes. The Scorpio is dependant on the Capricorn for any supply and distribution of gossip.


The Sagittarius will maintain shrewdness and prudence in their approach. They try to be more accommodative to their Capricorn spouse. The Sagittarius tries to adjust their lifestyle as per the preference of the Capricorn. Often they will try to change the adamant attitude of the Capricorn with their patience, which is time consuming. If the Sagittarius is able to bring the changes in the Capricorn, then both will enjoy a happy relationship.

The Sagittarius will try to accommodate the needs of the Capricorn. But if the Capricorn uses the same tough attitudes and aggressiveness, then the Sagittarius would think of quitting the relationship altogether. The initial sexual contacts may be successful but later the lust would fade away.

The soft and transparent attitudes displayed by the Sagittarius stand in total contrast of the hard and aggressive methods adopted by the Capricorn. The Sagittarius might be quite uneasy and nervous about maintaining a business relationship with the Capricorn. The Sagittarius will wait for convenient excuses to end the partnership.

These are two signs that can live next to one another so long as they respect the privacy of one another at all times.


The male Capricorn is rough, aggressive and adamant in nature. The female Capricorn is adamant, harsh and tough too. The female Capricorn may not be responsive and submissive to the male Capricorn. These adamant attitudes of the female Capricorn would infuriate the male Capricorn.

The female Capricorn could meet the aggressiveness and physical abuse of the male Capricorn, yet the female Capricorn is very sensitive and not submissive in their character. These qualities of female Capricorn could place them diametrically opposite to the expectation of the male Capricorn. Though both may be satisfied on their sexual contacts, both might drift away in the later stage.

None can face the tactfulness, aggressiveness and adamant views of the Capricorn alone in the business deals. If two Capricorn is to be the partners of the business organizations, then they build a formidable and deadly partnership among them; and could come out successful too. Then there is always the risk of both turning against each other.

Both the Capricorn will not fight and try to keep away from one another; there may be some uneasy relationship between the two.

The Aquarius is soft, calm and restrained in their character. In contrast, the Capricorn is rough, boisterous and very talkative in their character. The Aquarius leads a peaceful life that avoids any controversies; likes to resolve their family troubles within them. The Capricorn likes to involve in all types of controversies and keep every one informed of their family troubles. With so many differences, it can be difficult for this pairing to work out well.

The Capricorn maintains complete secrecy about their sexual activities, yet the Capricorn never worries about sharing information about their sexual activities. The Aquarius may not be comfortable on maintaining the sexual relationship with the Capricorn if they are openly sharing sexual information with others. Thus the Capricorn could be satisfied on the sexual relationship with the Aquarius; but the Aquarius might walk out on the relationship due to the Capricorn sharing too much information.

The Aquarius will try to maintain decency and decorum in their business deals and will be disgusted by the crude methods adopted by the Capricorn The Aquarius will be more concerned about the over ambitious nature of the Capricorn and may find it in their best interest to cut ties with the Capricorn.

The Aquarius will try to maintain some distance from the Capricorn, although both will be courteous in public situations.

The Pisces and the Capricorn are well suited for each other. The Capricorn shows their selfishness in a vocal, arrogant and explicit manner. The Pisces shows their selfishness in a subdued, silent and implicit manner. Thus both work towards the same goal of the family improvements and balance one another out nicely.

The Pisces becomes so pliable to the Capricorn, adjusting themselves to the needs of the Capricorn. As a result, the sexual relationship brings immense satisfaction to both the Pisces and the Capricorn. But the arrogance and the physical abuse by the Capricorn could damage the relationship with the Pisces.

The Capricorn shows too much speed and arrogance in their business deals while the Pisces maintains a slow and steady approach in finalizing their business deals. The Pisces could be severely irritated by the nuisance created by the Capricorn on daily basis, causing the relationship to be cut short.

The Pisces tries to distance themselves from the Capricorn, but the two will be courteous in public.