Cancer Horoscope


Generally speaking, the Cancer is  cool, composed and calculative in nature. The cancer people do not get dejected very easily. Those of this sign are very determined and will keep going until they succeed. The Cancer will generally not sensationalize any issues, rather they will keep issues under wraps.

Those of this sign will usually digest all insults and abuses that are heaped on them. They just wait for the opportune time to strike back. This sign is known to be highly talented in manipulative tactics.

The Cancer will maintain cordial relationships with everyone; even with their known adversaries. This sign is known to be quite good at arguing their case  effectively.

Generally speaking, the Cancer will avoid all controversies and tries to keep in a legally safe position. They do not prefer any major changes in their lifestyle. They used to think about the entire future, while making any decisions. When they find right opportunities, they settle down in their new life and do not look elsewhere for other opportunities. The Cancer people do not entertain any high ambitions; they strongly believe that the growth can not be achieved overnight; rather it comes in consistent steps only.

Those of this sign generally have enormous patience; their patience could be misinterpreted as a sign of weakness or the perceived lack of interests. Their patience could irritate  friends and family members who don't understand them well.


The Cancer will not exhibit their real intensions and thoughts to their closest allies. They never hesitate to ditch even their staunch allies for their selfish interests. Even though the Cancer people hide their selfish interests, they are fully exposed by their double dealings.
The Cancer is known to posses the art of disinformation campaign against their opponents. They slowly and steadily plant the wrong theories in everybody's mind to complete their nefarious design for their own selfish gain.


Generally speaking, the Cancer will plan in advance for each and every affairs that has important say in the wellbeing in their life. They are highly affectionate towards their own family members; these qualities force the Cancer to turn a blind eye towards the misdeeds of the family members.

The Cancer usually does not exhibit their love and affection in an explicit manner; but their actions silently point towards the direction of their mind. The Cancer may develop a bad reputation throughout life as people begin to realize the way they deal with others.


The Cancer loves  their spouse; but may not be honest. They maintain a double minded approach with their spouse and may not fully trust their spouse.  Quite often those of this sign manage to dominate their spouse, even though their spouse is stronger financially and socially. Quite often the Cancer uses their spouse as a spring board to jumpstart their life.  


This sign usually has a lot of affection for their children; but they may never show their affections in an explicit manner. A Cancer may firmly believe that spending money is a sufficient means to let their child know they are cared for.

The children take the cue from their Cancer parent and will often become more selfish; and strongly implement their parent's agenda.  Additionally, the Cancer may not show their equitable love and affection among their children. Thus they create controversy and division among their children early on in life.  Sadly, the Cancer will realize too late in life that you reap what you sow, even with your children.


Those of this sign are known to have unhealthy relationship with their parents. They either live away from their parents or have very low profile relationship with them. If the Cancer does maintain normal relationship with their parents it is usually void of affection.
They tend to treat relationship with their families as a ritual rather than as their foremost duty. There is no warmth or care in their affections towards their parents.


The Cancer maintains a low key relationship with their siblings, but will rarely cut their siblings off altogether. The Cancer maintains good relationships with their siblings so long as it suits them.


The Cancer often has very few friends or a limited number of close friends. They start with their early life with so many friends and strong relationships but then the number dwindles to bare minimum. Many times the friendships that remain intact are those that stem from childhood.


Those of this sign usually perform moderately well in their academic studies. The Cancer moves in a slow but steady fashion in gaining more knowledge and will gain more practical knowledge by interactions, discussions and through private studies.

A Cancer never hesitates to utilize other's experience or skills as their own. In general, the Cancer is quite informative and have wide knowledge; and have excellent knowledge in their preferred subjects.


The Cancer excellent skills in their areas of study or employment. They work towards enriching their capabilities and dramatically improve their skills. They are not cowed down by the defeats and failures; instead they learn from their mistakes and continue to build themselves up for a better future.

Those of this sign are highly patient and they do not show their disappointment and frustration out in the open. Those of this sign have the ability to convince the opponents to subscribe to their vision and thoughts.


The Cancer experiences ups and downs in their profession in their lifetime. They go through both the lows and highs in their profession; but do not lose their confidence. In fact they perform extremely well after coming out of their humiliating defeats.

Those of this sign would perform extremely well in jobs like accountants, bankers, lawyers, politicians and auditors. The Cancer will often begin their career working under someone; and their stated objective is to learn the secrets of the profession by themselves and push forward with their acquired knowledge.


Those of this sign will exhibit their anger only when they are fully frustrated. The Cancer will not react with anger in a reflexive manner, instead they will pick and choose when the best time is to vent, although their anger is short lived and once they vent the issue is over and done with so that they can get back to their every day life.


Generally speaking the Cancer will enjoy moderate, but quite satisfactory level of finances throughout most of their life. The Cancer is highly calculative in dealing with their financial transactions and is a bigger saver than spender.

The Cancer always plans on improving and sustaining their financial positions which is why they tend to enjoy financial stability. The Cancer is capable of holding the accounts of large public societies. Some individuals of this sign will find themselves in controversies over public funds but they are also to implement the rules for everyone and avoid any favoritism.


The Cancer speeches are quite self explanatory as they support their views with various arguments, texts and facts, as well as spiritualistic and literary works. They do not rest until they put forward their views in the most effective manner possible.

In fact, the speeches are one of the assets of the Cancer. Without the speech, the Cancer could not be nearly as professional. The Cancer has the art of converting the inaccurate information into dependable truth using their extensive oratory skills.


The does not guffaw, when enjoying the jokes. They prefer to giggle, while enjoying the jokes of others but are known to make speeches laced with wit and humor.


The Cancer does not spend much time and money for enhancing their beauty, as they care more about their personality and their physical fitness than beauty. But they do care about their personality; and also care much about their physical fitness. While there is not a huge emphasis on enhancing natural beauty, the Cancer is known to be well dressed, but not overly dressed so that they stand out in public situations.


The maintains a professional relationship with their employees; they give the due respect and the recognition for the work of the employees. Even if the Cancer has any problems with the employees, they do not show it explicitly ad would much rather deal with it in private.

Those of this sign are not above going to extreme measures to keep the employees that they really value. They go to any extent of keeping the employees with them, if they are highly beneficial; but will not waste a single day, if that employee has outlived his usefulness.

In fact, the Cancer will happily allow their past employees back into their folds without any hesitation provided if that person would bring in them the benefits. Thus they are looked upon as an opportunistic and not dependable in character.


The Cancer is highly patient, until they learn the nitty-gritty of the job or business. They will position themselves comfortably until they are sure of the alternatives. Those of this sign will act as the confidant until they become management level themselves. In many cases the Cancer will become the manager's competition when they have all of the information that they need to pursue higher level positions.


The Cancer tries to the mend damaged relationships with everyone not allowing animosity to grow. They are used to maintaining normal relationships even with their known opponents. The activities of the Cancer ensures that they have a long list of foes who hates them in private.

Generally speaking, the Cancer will not be drawn to entertainment. The Cancer finds it difficult to get involved in the entertainment perhaps due to the projecting the Cancer person as of more matured personality.


People of this sign are known to affect by cold, asthma, indigestion and other common sickness; but they recover quickly. In the middle age, the Cancer is known to get affected by some illness, which are continuous in nature. Practicing preventative measures will help keep the Cancer healthy throughout middle and old age.


The Cancer is quite manipulative, talks in an exhaustive and elaborate manner; they are capable of favoring their kith and kin but within the ambit of law and they are capable of instigating others to do their own bidding. Thus the Cancer has the characteristics that are needed to become a successful politician.

The Cancer talks about their chosen ideology and claims to live on their proposed ideals. But in reality, the Cancer would choose, just the opposite; and live a secretive life too. The Cancer has the ability to swallow the insults and adjust well to wait for the right time to act. The flexibility of the Cancer makes them successful in the political field. They don't mind in ditching their trusted allies to come out successful.


The Cancer is discreet where their romantic relations are concerned. They do not allow their romance to spoil their education or career; they devise self restraints in their love affairs. The Cancer is not very explicit about their love affairs. The Cancer does not show their disappointments in the case of any troubles within their romantic life.


The Cancer does not risk their future by involving them in the sexual activities and performs moderately well in satisfying their sexual partners. Thus they could face some dissatisfaction from their partners at the later stage if the partner is more interested in the sex that they are.

The Cancer will not accept any financial help from their life partners; rather they try to help them. It is hard to point even a small needle of suspicion on their characters; the Cancer is quite successful in masking their real characters before the marriage. They maintain some indirect control over the activities of their future partners.


Those of this sign will often behave differently after their marriage; they put various restrictions on the usual activities of their spouse. They are known to exert mental pressure on their spouse; and moves in a systematic manner to establish their supremacy and preferences over their spouse. The Cancer does not rush through any decisions; but works rather in a slow but steady manner. Those of this sign are also quite vulnerable to their spouse; the Cancer expose their areas of weakness over the period of time. Thus there will be always a stand off between the Cancer and their spouse.


The Cancer men and women are more pliable in nature. Basically, Cancer persons are more selfish in their character like Aries; but do not exhibit those qualities in open. This characteristic fits well into requirements of Aries. Thus Aries and Cancer will have successful married life but may always be suspicious of one another.

Aries persons are more efficient in managing the business. A Cancer prefers to let the control of business to the Aries itself. If anything goes wrong, then Cancer puts the entire onus onto the Aries. The Aries breaks off their business partnerships with Cancer, when they realize the motives of the Cancer are not 100% genuine.

Aries persons will not let his rights being usurped and fight his way out. On the other hand, the Cancer will wait patiently and convert his difficulties to his advantage. Because of the different approaches the Cancer will often get what he wants without the Aries realizing it, causing a contentious relationship between neighbors.

The Cancer men and women always change themselves as the situations requires. The success of romance and married life between Aries and Cancer depends entirely on the Cancer as they will determine if the love life is fantastic or less than enthusiastic.

Taurus and Cancer couples maintain normal relationships with each other. The Taurus is pliable in nature while the Cancer uses these characteristics and converts it to their advantage. Cancer maintains the supremacy over Taurus by their unlimited lies and cheating. The problem arises only when the Taurus understands the way they had been cheated.

The Cancer is generally undependable and will be quite secretive in their planning and even in their actions. Thus Taurus will find it difficult to continue with their partnerships. Taurus are easily deceived by the Cancer, but when they realize that they have been cheated the relationship will quickly be over.

Taurus and Cancer maintain normal friendships with each other as neighbors. Their friendship continues until a negative interference by the Cancer.

The Taurus and Cancer will maintain good sexual relationships, although both are quite secretive. This situation will lead to some rifts in their sexual relationships, much of which can be overcome.


The Cancer is not all that talkative and generally has a very slow and steady approach to life. The Cancer maintains complete secrecy about their lifestyle. This secretive nature may make it difficult for the relationship to work.

Both the Gemini and the Cancer are very closed lipped when it comes to their sex life.  Where they will struggle is that the Gemini is also secretive with their partner, which can lead to communication problems.

The Cancer is calm, very secretive and steady in their approach to life and business. The Gemini will be more explicit in their business attitudes and so they will doubt the Cancer who appears to take things as they come, which may cause a break in the business partnership.

The Gemini is very apprehensive about the intentions of the Cancer. Though the Gemini will maintain a normal relationship with the Cancer, they try to keep a safe distance from them. There could be mutual distrust between the Gemini and the Cancer, yet the Gemini is more likely to feel suspicious of the Cancer.

The Cancer tries to maintain normal relationship with everyone, yet the Gemini is very suspicious of the Cancer.  As such, the Gemini will work to stay away from the Cancer to maintain peace and guard themselves.


The Cancer is steady, calculative and highly patient in their characteristics. They are quite comfortable with their spouse, if the economic stability is assured, so when two Cancer's come together it usually works well.

The Cancer is quite capable of adjusting to meet their partner's needs. Since both people have moderate interests over the sexual activities, they are quite comfortable with each other. Apart from these limited interests, the Cancer is  less capable of exhibiting their romance in an explicit manner.

The Cancer is quite manipulative and selfish; both know the positive and the negative strength of each other. There could be suspicion on their motives within themselves. They do not show in their difference in the open, as they would rather deal with issues in private.

The Cancer neighbors maintain an excellent friendship in the public. If both join together, they will both benefit from the neighborly relationship.


COUPLES: The Cancer tends to be slow, steady and undependable in character; they are selfish and very secretive in nature. The male Leo could adjust their life with female Cancer; the Leo could manage to bring around the female Cancer. But the female Leo will find it tough to adjust their life with the Cancer.

SEXUAL ACTIVITY: The Cancer is more secretive where their sex life is concerned. None can predict the exact motives of the Cancer people. In general, the Cancer person has more interests in the sexual affairs, both moral and immoral ways. The Leo could be cheated by the Cancer, so this is something that the couple may need to overcome throughout their relationship.

BUSINESS PARTNERS: The Cancer is more cunning and undependable in nature. Though the Cancer people maintain very low profile, they could pose bigger threats to the Leo at the later stage. The business partnerships are not expected to last long.

COLLEAGEUS: The Leo would find that the relationship with the Cancer is not moving in the right direction. The Leo will keep a safe distance away from the Cancer to avoid clashing.

NEIGHBORS: The Leo does not entertain friendship with the Cancer person; but prefer to speak to the Cancer person in a formal manner.


The Virgo considers themselves above the Cancer. The Cancer maintain calm, steady and very selfish attitudes which can be a real turn off to the Virgo.  As such, the Virgo and the Cancer will adjust among themselves and live a comfortable married life.

The Cancer will maintain secrecy over their sexual activities and the Virgo is not much different. The Virgo and the Cancer fully enjoy their sexual relationships.

The Cancer is calm, steady and cunning in nature. They wait for the right oppurtunity to go in for the win. The Virgo is brilliant, jealous and ambitious but lack the nunances of the business relationships; they tend overlook various factors due to their egoistic approach. Thus the Virgo could be easily cheated by the calm and steady natured Cancer.

The Cancer does not mind working with the Virgo so long as they can benefit from the interaction in some way.
NEIGHBORS: The Virgo and the Cancer will maintain normal relationship with each other. But some of the actions of the Cancer may cause the Virgo to become suspicious of them.


The Libra meets their perfect match in the Cancer. Both have identical views and actions too; both are shrewd, selfish and have the hidden agenda. The Cancer people talks less and the Libra talks more; but the ideals are the same. Both the Cancer and the Libra are very tight lipped about their financial strength and transactions.

The Cancer does deviate from the moral position on their sexual activity, though they choose to go along with the sexual preference of the Libra. As such, so long as the Libra is comfortable dictating the sex life, the relationship will be enjoyed by both parties.

The Cancer and the Libra know the critical methods adopted by others in the business arena. Both of them are suspicious of each other; and often harbor hatred against each other. They will only maintain a partnership so long as it benefits both of them.

The Libra and the Cancer maintain normal and diplomatic relationships with each other; but harbors suspicion and hatred towards each other in private.

The Cancer and the Libra would maintain normal friendship with both being careful not to step out of line and into the personal space of the other.

The Cancer loves their family too much. The Scorpio loves their spouse and the family members much, but both are slow, steady and jealous in nature. The Cancer could be involved in illegal and illegitimate relationships; whereas the Scorpio does not get involved in those illegal relationships. Much of the time if there is a failing of the relationship between the two it may have to do with illegal situations.

The Cancer has more involvement in sexual activities, than the Scorpio. The Scorpio tends to have subdued interests in sexual activities, but with little romance. There may be initial euphoria on their sexual relationship; but this usually dissipates as time goes by.

The Cancer is brilliant, cunning and selfish in nature while the Scorpio is slow, jealous and ambitious in nature. The Scorpio is no match for the Cancer as the Cancer will easily manipulate any type of situation to their advantage. The relationship between the Cancer and the Scorpio are usually very brief.

Though both maintain suspicion on each others, they may not show it in the public. The Scorpio will try to avoid the Cancer at all costs.


The Sagittarius will love their spouse and remain truthful. The Sagittarius will accommodate the views of their spouse. The Cancer will not remain truthful to their spouse; and tries to remain secretive about their sexual contacts. Thus both the Cancer and the Sagittarius will differ in each and every aspect of the married life. But the Sagittarius will try to adjust to the needs of the Cancer.  As such, the success of the marriage life entirely depends on the behavior of the Cancer.

The Sagittarius will get involved  only in legal and legitimate sexual activities, while the cancer may get involved in illegitimate sexual activities. The Cancer would find excellent sexual partnership with the Sagittarius,  but the relationship could be damaged if the Cancer chooses to be attracted to immoral situations.

The Cancer is undependable and tend to choose their own path with no consideration for others. The Sagittarius will consult and adjust with their partners. Though the Sagittarius tries to adjust with the Cancer, they may be frustrated by the manipulative tactics displayed by the Cancer. Due to the differences, business relationships might falter after an initial period.

This is a good neighborly connection so long as both work not to invade the privacy of the other.


The Capricorn is tough, adamant and aggressive in nature. The Cancer is slow, cunning and regressive in nature. If the couples uses these negative qualities for the upkeep and welfare of their family interests they can be successful both in personal and financial matters. The Cancer and the Capricorn become deadly combination if they choose to use these negative qualities for any illegal purposes.

The Capricorn and the Cancer have the same amount of interest in sex. The Cancer is less explicit on their sexual activities than the Capricorn, and this is where issues may arise.  So long as the Capricorn can keep their sex life under wraps the relationship could be a very fulfilling one.

Both the Capricorn and the Cancer most of the same qualities and mindset on managing the business organizations. The Cancer is very cunning, they maintain complete silence and very manipulative too. The Capricorn is very rough, volatile and highly aggressive. Thus both are nervous about each other and their intentions.

The Cancer and the Capricorn are highly suspicious and critical of each other. If the Cancer instigates any troubles, the Capricorn will end up fighting with them.


The Cancer is often seen as mischievous and overly talkative while the Aquarius is too concerned about maintaining decent and mature relationships. The Aquarius is an exceptional secret keeper, yet the Cancer has little control over their mindset. The Aquarius tries to maintain high standards in their lifestyle but the Cancer prefers to move down to any length to satisfy their needs.
The Cancer is so explicit in their love and sexual affairs while the Aquarius is highly secretive about their affairs.  The Cancer has more interests in the sexual activities while the Aquarius limits their interests to a more reasonable level of interest. Then the Aquarius harasses the Cancer by using sex as a tool, which may turn the Cancer off.

The Cancer has the excellent capacity to manipulate the results and events to favor them due to their extreme selfishness. The Cancer will have no qualms about switching their ideology to suit their needs. The Aquarius will find this offensive and will usually end the relationship promptly.

NEIGHBORS: The Aquarius will maintain on and off relationship with the Cancer; the ties would be more symbolic in nature.


The Cancer and the Pisces work for the wellbeing of the family members. Though both have ambitions, selfishness characteristics and pursue some questionable paths, both are equal in their love for their family. Thus the Cancer and the Pisces couple will work and improve the financial and social status of their families.

The Pisces and the Cancer are both very sexual in nature and so they enjoy their sexual activity. The Pisces will happily adjust to the sexual needs of the Cancer; thus the Cancer becomes fully satisfied in their sexual activities.

The Pisces and the Cancer have the full ability to outsmart each other in business settings. Both of them are manipulative, cunning and understand the nuances of running the business successfully. The Pisces and the Cancer are both suspicious and apprehensive of each other. If they join together, they form a formidable partnership. If they oppose each other, they are abominable foes.

The Pisces and the Cancer are highly apprehensive of each other. They maintain normal relationships in the public; but will not interfere in the personal lives of one another.