Aquarius Horoscope


The Aquarius is the most mature and careful in their responses when compared to the other signs of the zodiac. Those of this sign usually only talk when necessary, always avoiding unnecessary discussion and generally steers clear of large crowds. The Aquarius maintains a calm, cool and composed character.

The Aquarius is often timid when making friends or new acquaintances. But once the friendship has been established they maintain a strong and steady relationship with their friends. The Aquarius never tries to interfere in other’s personal matter and they tend to keep private matters private.

The Aquarius generally excels at arriving at solutions and judgments to problems that they face in life. The rare comments or directions that are given by the Aquarius would be of immense help to those who are close to them based on their careful navigation through difficult situations.

It is difficult to gauge the strength of the Aquarius with respect to their skills knowledge and the financial position because they are so often quiet and reserved. The Aquarius is usually highly skilled and talented they just don’t feel like they have to brag about their talents.  The quiet nature of the Aquarius often lends to them being underestimated.

The Aquarius is always responsive to their close friends and family members and may actually be criticized for being too dedicated to those in their life. Yet, the Aquarius will never show their love and affection in an explicit manner. It is often misconstrued by others that the Aquarius is insensitive, but those who know them best know that this is completely inaccurate.

The Aquarius is able to swallow their emotions and disappointments without any trace. The Aquarius is well aware of the situation around them, allowing for them to be flexible and adjust to the situation at hand.


The excessive secrecy and aloofness that has been maintained by the Aquarius would create a negative impression on their character by those that do not know them well. The Aquarius would also fail to capitalize on their talents and skills due to lack of transparency on their views and actions.

The slow and torpid actions of the Aquarius could be misinterpreted, allowing others to think that those of this sign are not nearly as intelligent and capable as they truly are. Also the failure to express in a proper manner could place them in disadvantageous position where competition with others is concerned.


The Aquarius maintains close ties with their family members. Though they have quite a lot of love and affection for their family members, they do not express it overtly. The Aquarius usually will not make themselves available for contemptuous discussions and arguments within their family. Yet, the Aquarius will keep track of the speeches and actions of the other family members.

The Aquarius never passes any positive or negative comments on any discussions that go around them. The Aquarius would respond with their comments only if asked to do so. Those comments made by the Aquarius would be very short and brief; but will usually be impactful and insightful.

The Aquarius too will not allow anyone to transgress into their personal life beyond a certain point.  The Aquarius does not do well when they feel preached or spoken down to, as this puts the Aquarius in a defensive mode, as they will feel as though their morals are being questioned.  Even in these situations, those of this sign will hold their tongue and avoid such interactions in the future.


The Aquarius will generally maintain a close, loving relationship with their spouse. The Aquarius is known to accommodate the opinions of their spouses and will not force any of their opinions or insights on their spouse. Those of this sign will work closely with their spouse to share opinions in an effective manner.

The Aquarius will try to avoid exposing their differences with their spouse at any given time. The Aquarius would try to hush up their differences in the public and try to work out a compromise in private.

The Aquarius would perform their duty as a spouse in an excellent manner at all times. In most cases, the Aquarius would provide necessary independence to their spouse, allowing for their spouse to be happy but also maintain their own identity.  The sign is known to go out of their way to keep their spouse happy.


The Aquarius would never exercise excessive control over their children. Yet, the Aquarius tries to keep their children under their control with their friendly behavior. Those of this sign may be tempted to avoid long discussions with their children, which could limit their honest interactions with their children. Thus the Aquarius leaves a sizeable gap on their ties with their children in their middle age. The Aquarius will develop them as a tutor, spiritualist and moral guide; and support their children becoming successful adults. The Aquarius would provide enough independence and opportunities to their children to help them be well balanced individuals.


The Aquarius will generally maintain a subdued, but successful relationship with their siblings. The Aquarius is actively helped by their siblings early on in life. The Aquarius would eventually utilize those opportunities to become successful and happy, never forgetting the support of their siblings as they grow.
Though the Aquarius has relationships with their siblings are excellent; they need not be an overly active participant in their lives. They do not see themselves as better or worse than their siblings; rather they view them as being on the same level.


The Aquarius will have many friends to cherish; but is likely to only maintain a few close relationships. The Aquarius tends to be more comfortable with their friends than their family members. Despite not maintaining many close relationships, those of this sign are often very popular in social circles.

The Aquarius is known for maintaining intellectual friendships; in fact they seem to have some standards set for friendships.  They will not simply accept anyone into their social circle.  Rather, they are drawn to friendships with people who have the same ideas and thoughts as they do.

The Aquarius is known for maintaining strong friendships, some stretching across the course of their life.  They usually take a hands off approach to the personal lives of their friends, and except that their friends will return the favor.


The Aquarius generally maintains strong love and affection with their parents. The Aquarius does not show their love in an explicit manner; but their parents understand their ways and know that they are loved. The Aquarius tries to keep their interactions with their parents as positive as possible, especially as their parent’s age.  Those of this sign usually enjoy a stronger relationship with their mother. Though the Aquarius values the importance of the father’s relationship, they keep their father at a bit of a distance.


The Aquarius is generally well educated. The Aquarius possesses more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. The Aquarius excels at both academic subjects and general subjects and builds their general knowledge and personality over the course of their lifetime.

The Aquarius shines more and is able to be more successful if they are able to shed their loneliness by surrounding themselves with others.  Yet, the sign is known to limit those that they interact with on a regular basis.


The Aquarius is generally highly skilled and is usually an expert in their preferred subjects. The Aquarius people could come up easily on the subjects that they are interested due to excellent skills that they posses. The Aquarius is usually an expert in developing new techniques without any formal studies.  Instead they base their skills on innate abilities and their gift of observation.


The Aquarius is known to be well spoken but can make friends and family uncomfortable with their ideas, thoughts, and observations.  They usually hold certain people at a distance, those who do not meet their personal standards.  As a result, those of this sign are often thought to be quite peculiar by those who do know them.  Despite not being fully understood by others, the Aquarius is generally quite egotistical where their skills and social status are concerned.


The Aquarius proves their worthiness in the sectors that has been selected by them. The Aquarius mostly realizes their objectives; they climb the job ladder in a slow, but steady manner. While the Aquarius will try to position themselves in their chosen fields; they keep their options open at all times.

The Aquarius is generally a rational thinker and they apply this to their expectations. The Aquarius tries to maintain their non-controversial approach in the work place too and will try to workout a feasible approach with every colleague to keep the peace and get the job done.

The Aquarius could be easily found in technical, technical-managerial, technocrats, consultants and research scholars and beyond.  Additionally, those of this sign may be drawn to careers that involve mechanical, electrical, electronics and the like. 


The Aquarius attempts to maintain their beauty and likes to feel attractive. But the Aquarius never oversteps their limits; they do not waste more money or time in enhancing their beauty. In most cases, the Aquarius will make their appearances quite natural which usually makes them even more attractive to their friends and social acquaintances.


It is very rare to see the Aquarius seething with uncontrollable anger; the anger of the Aquarius is very minimal and lasts for few minutes in an explicit manner. The Aquarius is good at controlling their emotions and regains this control in a short period of time if they do become angry.

The Aquarius will display a sense of rigidness when they are frustrated. The Aquarius will always attempt to make light of their frustration or anger with others.  When they are frustrated or angry with others, they will attempt to handle it with ease, or they may just take to ignoring someone who brings out these feelings in them.


The Aquarius enjoys jokes and humorous events, shows and situations; they enjoy this happiness by displaying their applause. The Aquarius can not control their emotions while they are extremely happy; they show their happiness by clapping and admiration. Yet, the Aquarius displays a sense of maturity in admiring the jokes when possible. The Aquarius also makes fun of others, but that is limited to their inner circles. The Aquarius dislikes being made fun of, so they are very careful not to make fun of those who feel the same.


The Aquarius attempts to never hurt anyone by their speeches; they maintain a great deal of maturity in maintaining their ideas in conversations with others. The Aquarius speaks very little especially when speaking to the strangers and those who are not familiar to them.

The Aquarius speeches are broken and often come out in an interrupted manner. It is well understood by those who are considered close to them that though this is the way it comes across, they are very confidant in what they express.


The Aquarius involves themselves in all forms of entertainment. Yet, they do not allow their entertainment schedule to affect the normal activities in their life and they will not spend more than they can afford on entertainment.

The Aquarius often has an interest in indoor games, electronic games, scientific stories, and animated graphics. The Aquarius has been largely attracted towards outdoor games and activities. They enjoy watching movies, games shows and moderate interest in the music arena. 

Those of this sign often like to enjoy dinner outside of the home.  They are also often addicted to this travelling and dining, so long as it isn’t overly expensive. The Aquarius controls their dreams by living within their budget.


The Aquarius cash book consists of more credits and fewer debits. The Aquarius would be very careful in maintaining the expenses below the level of their income. It is very difficult for others to make judgment on the financial strength of the Aquarius.

The Aquarius is known to keep a veil of secrecy over their financial transactions. The Aquarius tries to live within their income limits and do not borrow money excessively to meet their needs. This is a sign that is known to be very careful with their money at all times.


The Aquarius is usually moderately successful in the political field. Due to their habits, they form a coterie around them. They speak and discuss within their close ranks and leave others to wild guessing. Thus the Aquarius creates a wide gap between them and other peoples. This behavior would bring in wild speculation on the character and motives of the Aquarius which can be advantageous or breed contempt.

Since the Aquarius speaks little to their people and their opponents, it proves to be advantageous and disadvantageous too. The Aquarius maintains the dignified entry, presence and exit in the political field. There may have been few instances of favoritism, but the Aquarius maintains purity in their political career.

The Aquarius and their impeccable record will often land them in a decorative posts; the post that is of symbolic value only. But the Aquarius may often be accused of favoritism.


The Aquarius is usually health conscious and try to keep their body in a perfect condition. The Aquarius are bit lazy which can make it difficult to keep them fit.  Additionally their work schedules make it impossible to manage the health issues; or they live as couch potatoes. Thus the Aquarius voluntarily damages their perfect health. Barring age related disorders; the Aquarius is known to be a generally healthy sign. While the sign is known to become ill quickly, they are known to become well again quickly.


The Aquarius is quiet selective on their menu. They eat very little, but eat only the choicest foods. The Aquarius used to maintain separate menus for them while living with others. The Aquarius favors new additions and dislikes eating traditional foods.  The Aquarius doesn’t mind eating too much of their favorite dishes; this could be one of the reasons that they have difficulty maintaining their ideal body weight.


The Aquarius is of romantic mind; but lacks the will to put forward their preferences. The Aquarius expects their partners to do everything for them. The partners of the Aquarius suffer a lot of hardships due to the lack of free and frank discussions between them. The Aquarius is often thought to keep their spouses guessing on purpose. The Aquarius becomes very loyal to their love partners, yet it takes patience to be in a romantic relationship with someone of this sign because they are so difficult to understand much of the time.


The Aquarius maintains tight control over their employees. The Aquarius will discuss only the business plans & activities; and never peek into the personal lifestyle of their employees. The Aquarius will never tolerate the interference of the employees into their personal activities.

The Aquarius will never show leniency to their employees; and tries to work as a model for others to evaluate. The Aquarius’ are purely selfish in dealing with the business matters. The Aquarius’ do not show any mercy to anyone; that the Aquarius considers them to be of a threat to their interests.


The Aquarius will generally try to maintain high degree of probity and purity during their tenure as an employee. The Aquarius will not allow others to squander their opportunities and gains; similarly the Aquarius will not infringe on the opportunities of their coworkers. The Aquarius tries to position and strengthen their skills and come out ahead in their jobs. Most employers consider their employees of this sign to be an asset to their business.


The Aquarius does not share any information about their sexual activities even with close friends. They never make the first move with their partners, yet they expect their partners to understand their sexual needs. The Aquarius has specific desires, but will not make it known if they are not satisfied. Those of this sign may passively use sex and sexuality to get what they want from their partner.


The Aquarius never actively indulges in love and romance affairs early in the relationship and this is usually due to the shyness of the Aquarius or even fear of being hurt or having a change in public opinion.

The Aquarius will accept a marriage proposal only if they are fully confident of the partners. Early in the relationship the Aquarius will rely on their partner to initiate love and sex.  As such, the success of the relationship of this sign hinges heavily on the initiative taken by the partners only; the Aquarius will stand as a mute spectator only.


The Aquarius will usually have successful and matured relationship with their spouse. Those of this sign will not engage in any kind of abuse by their partner and will not be abusive toward their partner. The Aquarius is generally seen as an ideal spouse by their friends and the relatives.

Those of this sign are often quite submissive, subscribing to the thoughts and opinions of their spouse much of the time.  In fact, the spouse of the Aquarius would become the driving force behind the individual.  In the later part of the life, the may become totally dependent on their spouse to have all of their needs met.

The Aquarius treats their spouse as equal in every aspect of the daily life; they discuss and arrive at a compromising situation on all personal matters including the sex. Those of this sign will gain the upper hand with their spouse on sexual matters by playing and confusing their spouse with guessing game.


The Aquarius is calm and likes to lead a life in which the next thing can be anticipated. Some are thrown off by the Aquarius because they speak very little when compared to other signs. The marriages between Aries & Aquarius are quite successful.

The partnership between Aries and Aquarius works well. The Aquarius will end the alliance with Aries only when their interests are harmed. Both signs work well together as they are both able to give the space that the other needs.

Aquarius will never react to any issues as long it doesn’t affect their own prospects. So long as the Aquarius is not disturbed there will be no troubles, making the Aries and Aquarius ideal neighbors.

It is very hard to find out the inner truth about Aquarius. If the Aries is able to identify and satisfy the sexual needs of Aquarius, then they will enjoy their sexual activity to the fullest. The success of their sexual activities weighs heavily on the Aries.

The Aquarius never interfere in the personal matters of others and tends to be very quite and to themselves. The Aquarius is calm and steady but is usually up to date with what is going on in the world around them. The strong diplomatic approach of Aquarius will help them to maintain healthy relationships with Taurus.

The Aquarius moves in a more diplomatic manner in their work place than many other signs. The Aquarian colleague is usually one that is very adept at their chosen fields.  They also boast the ability to solve the problem without straining and without much fanfare. These qualities of Aquarius help to maintain normal relationships with the Taurus in the workplace.

The Taurus and the Aquarius generally approach being neighborly in much the same manner.  They will be eager to work together to solve troubles between them or in the neighborhood. The Taurus and the Aquarius will generally exist harmoniously as neighbors.

Though Aquarius has strong interests in sexual affairs, they keep it under wraps and the Taurus appreciates this discretion in sharing sexual information with others. In most cases, the sexual partnerships between Taurus & Aquarius work very well.


The Aquarius is a sign that is very tight lipped and doesn’t talk as much as other signs might. It is very hard to judge the Aquarius on their mindset because they are so quiet. The Gemini will often become frustrated due to the calm and silence maintained by the Aquarius. If the Gemini is able to accommodate these characteristics of the Aquarius, then they really enjoy a life together.

Both the Gemini and Aquarius maintain secrecy over their sexual activities. Thus both develop confidence in one another, yet the Gemini will struggle to understand what the Aquarius wants.

The Aquarius is generally very tight lipped about their business dealings. This behavior often makes the Gemini to be more suspicious on the intention of the Aquarius. The Gemini feels totally uncomfortable on their relationships with the Aquarius in the business world because they are so guarded.

The Gemini and the Aquarius maintain a diplomatic relationship with each other. Also both the Gemini and the Aquarius maintain their suspicion of one another because of their different approaches to business life.

The Gemini and the Aquarius never interfere in one another’s lives and go out of their way to avoid creating conflict. Thus the Gemini and Aquarius maintain good neighborly relationship with each other.


The Cancer displays some mischievous, talkative and self propagating characteristics.  Yet the Aquarius isn’t too concerned about maintaining decent, matured and less talkative nature. The Aquarius tries to maintain high standards in their lifestyle; but the Cancer will go to extreme lengths to satisfy their needs. The different approaches to life often make a relationship between the two difficult.

The Cancer is generally so explicit in their love and sexual affairs while the Aquarius are highly secretive about their affairs even with those that a they are close to. The Cancer has more interests in the sexual activities; the Aquarius limits their interests to a more reasonable levels. The differing approaches to sexuality can make a sexual relationship between the two signs contentious at best.

The Cancer has the excellent capacity to manipulate the results and events to favor them and is generally very selfish. The Cancer will have no qualms in switching their ideology and doing things purely for their financial game. The Aquarius operates in stark contrast, and so the partnership will not work out well.

The Aquarius would maintain on and off relationship with the Cancer; the ties would be of more symbolic in nature.


The Aquarius is known for keeping their emotions hidden and remain somewhat of a mystery to the Leo. The male Leo will be quiet satisfied with calm natured female Aquarius. The female Leo will be more comfortable with non intrusive and well behaved male Aquarius. Thus both the Leo and the Aquarius will usually be satisfied with their partnership.

The Leo and the Aquarius will indulge in sexual activities with each having their own limits. Neither is overt in their romantic activity and despite a sex life, they will continue to lead a very normal lifestyle outside of the bedroom. The Leo and the Aquarius will usually enjoy a very satisfying love life.

The Aquarius is highly skilled, but will not make it well known by bragging or showing off. The Leo usually does not find any problem in engaging the Aquarius. Both the Leo and the Aquarius maintain very matured and profitable partnerships.

Both the Aquarius and the Leo will maintain intellectual relationships with each other. Their friendship benefits both of them; even if they have any differences, both the Leo and the Aquarius will work to resolve all conflicts as quickly as possible.

In most cases, both the Leo and the Aquarius have similar approaches to living around others. The Aquarius will practice a hands off policy with their neighbors and the Leo will also take this approach.


The Virgo talks too much and makes their mindset fully exposed while the Aquarius talks very little and makes it tough for others to understand them. The Virgo will become inpatient with the inability of the Aquarius to talk extensively. The Aquarius will be completely irritated by the long talks maintained by the Virgo.  The Virgo may not be comfortable with the tough, silent and hard attitudes of the Aquarius. Both may be completely dissatisfied with each other.

The Aquarius is interested in keeping their sexual activity on the down low. The Virgo is also secretive about their sexual relationship. Thus both may be satisfied in their sexual relations, although the Virgo may be left to wonder what the Aquarius is thinking about their sex life.

The Virgo and the Aquarius will maintain a normal relationship with each other. The Aquarius will utilize the skills and the expertise of the Virgo but may be irritated over the talkative nature of the Virgo.

The calm natured Aquarius may not be suitable as a friend to the talkative Virgo. But both do not entertain any ill will against each other.

The Aquarius prefers to concentrate with their own work and they do not unnecessarily interfere in matters that are not related to them. So the Aquarius will be a good neighbor to the Virgo.


The Aquarius is calm, non intrusive and hard working and knows the value of hard earned money; they talk less and work hard despite many odds against them. The Libra is much the same and is a saver rather than a spender.  Thus, the two can lead a very successful and comfortable life together.

Though the Aquarius has many differences with their sexual partnerships with the Libra, they work with their Libra partner to make their life more eventful and comfortable.

The Libra also knows the value of money; but is not above choosing illegal methods to gain the wealth. The Aquarius will choose the right path to acquire money. These conflicting interests put them at odds with one another quite often in a professional capacity.

The Libra would be happy with an Aquarius as their neighbors; the reason being that none will be disturbed by the Aquarius.

The Aquarius as well as the Scorpio tend to be very calm, jealous, and neither talks all that much. Thus the Scorpio will find the ideal partnership with the Aquarius. The monotonous and reclusive nature of both the Scorpio and the Aquarius make their lifestyle quite boring, but both of them appreciate their lifestyle.

The Aquarius would keep their sexual activity as private as possible and will never show displeasure with their sexual partner. The Scorpio is much the same, willing to work to please their Aquarian partner allowing for a pleasurable sex life for both.

The Aquarius will maintain calmness and work steadily for the success in their business. The Scorpio will display jealousy but will also work hard to achieve. With work, the two will enjoy a positive business relationship.

Both the Scorpio & the Aquarius will maintain calmness and non interference in the lives of one another, making for great neighbors.


The Aquarius is calm, cool and collected and is willing to work for the greater good of the family.  The Aquarius knows the value of money and spends it judiciously. Those of this sign exhibit a more mature outlook in solving the personal and family matters. These qualities of the Aquarius fully suit the expectations of the Sagittarius. Thus both the Aquarius and the Sagittarius join and adjust with each other to bring the best in their life.

The Sagittarius and the Aquarius are both flexible enough to meet the sexual needs of their partner. Thus both the Sagittarius and the Aquarius will work out a strong and cordial sexual relationship between them throughout their relationship.

The Sagittarius will accommodate the thoughts and opinions of their Aquarian partners. The Sagittarius maintains clear and transparent transactions; and willing to solve every issue through discussion and cooperation. The Aquarius also maintains transparent transactions and adjusts to the needs of the Sagittarius.
NEIGHBORS: The Aquarius and the Sagittarius will form a strong, matured and intellectual friendship; coexisting peacefully as neighbors.


The Aquarius is soft, calm and restrained in their character. The Capricorn is rough, boisterous and very talkative by nature. The Aquarius leads a peaceful life that avoids any controversies and likes to resolve their family troubles as quickly as possible. The Capricorn likes insert themselves in all types of controversies keeping every one informed of their family troubles. Thus the Capricorn and the Aquarius may not experience a successful or happy relationship.

The Capricorn maintains complete secrecy about their sexual activities; they never share any information with anyone, which is very much like the Aquarius, generally allowing for them to enjoy a sexual relationship that is pleasing to them both, but very private in nature.

The Aquarius will try to maintain decency and decorum in their business deals and will often be disgusted by the crude methods adopted by the Capricorn. The Aquarius will be more concerned about the over ambitious nature of the Capricorn and their willingness to talk freely on the business secrets. Thus the Aquarius would not generally welcome a partnership with the Capricorn.

The Aquarius will keep their distance from the Capricorn neighbor, allowing for them to live their separate, but peaceful lives.

The male Aquarius would give more independence to the female Aquarius; the same is reciprocated by the female Aquarius. The basic characteristics of the Aquarius could escalate into a cold war or egoistic problems within the couple at a later stage because the lack of discussion and engaging behaviors. Generally the Aquarius couples will be successful in their married life and are considered a highly intellectual couple.
The Aquarius couples are comfortable with each other as both entertain limited sexual activities only. The Aquarius has the habit of using the sexual involvement as a tool to pressure their partners. As long as they avoid using sex as a tool, their sex life will generally be very pleasing.

The Aquarius would be highly comfortable by working with another Aquarius. The Aquarius tries to maintain intellectual friendship; they provide technical help to the fellow Aquarius. They could easily become annoyed if their partner is not able to match their speed and expertise. The Aquarius will find it hard to iron out any difference with those of their sign due to their hands off approach to discussion.

The Aquarius develop a more matured and friendly friendship with each other; do not interfere in unnecessary issues.

The Aquarius talks very little and the Pisces are jovial and talk in a more moderate fashion. The Aquarius is highly receptive to events around them; but will not comment or interfere. The Pisces is often intrusive in a passive manner. Thus the Pisces and the Aquarius have similar aim characteristics and approaches, but also are individuals. The Pisces likes the calmness maintained by the Aquarius and the partnership will usually work out well.

The Pisces understands the basic sexual needs of the Aquarius in a short span of time. The Pisces adjusts them to meet the aspirations of the Aquarius fully, which is appreciated by the Aquarius.  The two often share a very intense love life.

The Pisces and the Aquarius are not aggressive, but subdued in nature. Both of them prefer to talk rather than to fight to resolve any problems. Thus the Pisces and Aquarius maintain a very decent and matured relationship; and make sure that the differences will not be allowed to damage their ties.

NEIGHBORS: The Pisces are good at speculative talks and the Aquarius talks very little, allowing for a nice balance.  As such, the two often make great neighbors.