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The Ever Puzzling Gemini

The Gemini expects everyone in the family to consult them before they do anything. Gemini loves to give advice, whether it be good or bad. Others may perceive this as unwanted interference, even though Gemini means well. This behavior  sometime put them at loggerheads with their family and friends.

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Taurus the Misunderstood Bull

The Taurus will make a lot of friends. But these relationships will have a lot of ups and downs. They tend to have misunderstandings with their friends also often. There are a few rare solid relationships in Taurus's life, and she will share their every joy and every sorrow. 

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Hammer and Dynamite Aries!

The Aries person often does not know how to express his or her love.  The partner may not perceive the Aries as affectionate and caring. Sharing a joke, joining the spouse for dinner and going on weekend trip may be erroneously viewed by an Aries person as adequate proof that he had shown his love enough.

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Cancer the Careful One

Generally speaking, the Cancer will avoid all controversies and tries to keep in a legally safe position. They do not want any major changes in their way of life. They think about the big picture, while making any decisions. They are in search of their dream vocation in life.

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Virgo who is Always Right

A Virgo has the tendency to treat others as stupid and dimwitted. They are extremely confident of their knowledge. They take delight in making fun of others. Those of this sign are the fastest in the world to arrive at a conclusion; to judge a person or events.

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Leo the King of the Hill

The Leo tends to try and maintains some kind of authority over their spouse and may not allow their spouse to be free and decide on their own free will. On the plus side, those of this sign will not hide anything with their spouse; they used to share all information that happens on their daily life.

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Invincible Libra

The Libra has the ability to convert their defeats, disappointments and the problems to their advantage. Libra will always manage to stage a comeback. They know how to inspire themselves and to inspire others. A powerhouse of a sign.

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Sagittarius ever so loving

The Sagittarius will maintain the same love and affection even after their marriage. They will merge and integrate all areas of their life with their partner. After sometime, the spouse may find it difficult to function without the active help of the Sagittarius.

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Scorpio so Talented

The Scorpio has the immense potential on their talents and skills. Most of the Scorpio's will fail to capitalize on the skills that are gifted to them. The talents of the Scorpio are either unused or under utilized.

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Capricorn the Outspoken

The Capricorn makes enemies easily. Those of this sign create a lot of controversy through their their words. They believe everyone and share their views so openly that their views eventually reach the wrong persons. Capricorn should tread more carefully.

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Aquarius will Impress you

The Aquarius will generally maintain a close, loving relationship with their spouse. The Aquarius will accommodate the opinions of their spouses and will not force any of their opinions or insights on their spouse. 

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Pisces the Lovable
Pisces loves their spouse and works to keep the relationship a happy one. If they are disappointed about something they will usually keep it to themselves. Pisces keeps some of the grievances well within their mind; they prefer not to share even with their closest friends.

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